100 gathered for Juneeth Demonstration.

Muhammad Fahad
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Juneeth Demonstration
Juneeth Demonstration

 • The event is being marked as the end of slavery in the US, and it was calling the attention of the people to the incidents involving the death of the Black people while in police custody,

 • At the West palm beach and a Juneeth Gathering on Friday in front of the palm beach County courthouse, speakers dressed as the Black Americans are still only”free-ish” more than 150 years of the emancipation of the slaves.

 • The crowd included around 100 people who were demanding action against the people who are beating the blacks in custody and killing the blacks. The had a postcard saying ”black life matters”. These protests won’t stop until something is done about them, one of the protestors added when interviewed.

The ongoing protests started as Geroge Floyd was killed in custody with police as the suspect grasped for the air and sought helped until he died on the spot.

Black Life Matters:

A local Black Life Matter is being identified behind the movement, and it was arranged in the courthouse event; it featured a lot of speakers before the march; it began despite the thunder, lightning, and a downpour of rain.

One organizer, Francky Pierre- Paul, said that those assembled here would be paying prayers to those who lost their lives in this noble cause.

He said:

” Father God, enough is enough. Period,” Pierre- Paul said.

Ricky Aiken, the founder of the West Palm Beach nonprofit Inner City Innovators, said that we need to draw parallels between what is right and what is wrong and what needs to be changed. We can’t take this brutality anymore.

He also added that.

”It’s life or death for the young men we work with…It’s life or death even when we are pulled over by the police”, Aiken said.

He also said that there needs to be dangerous legislation against such practices, and those behind it should be punished.

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