2021 would be a better year than 2020?

Do u also think, 2021, would be a better year than 2020, which was the year of harsh times and a pause to life?

2021 would be a better year than 2020?
2021 would be a better year than 2020?

Are you expecting to be able to interact without wearing masks? Or to hug our loved ones and to sleep peacefully this year?

But chaos and crises don’t follow a calendar, problems, and challenges that made 2020 feel like a horror story will roll along with us in 2021.

Concluding, if we want the coming year to be better, it Is only us that can make it better ourselves.

Jay Versace was also known by his nickname ‘Jay’ tweeted recently, that protection of peace would be his priority.

Jay Versace thoughts on 2021
Jay Versace thoughts on 2021

This American star and a social media personality claimed that he is not aware of what the coming year would bring.

But he is just entering into it, knowing, and worrying about how to maintain and protect his peace.

Isn’t it better to lower the expectations about the coming year, so that we won’t get disappointed? just like Jay did.

It is seen that the videos made by jay are although comical and humorous but also educative too.

Also, he is always been an influencer and willing to make people laugh, this is the only reason he got fame in just a small period.

The estimated net worth of Jay is $700,000 and he has more than three million followers on Vine.

He started his career by posting videos on YouTube and Vine. The topics of his videos are always random yet educative.

Bill gates also tweeted, attaching an article along, saying 2021 would be a better year than 2020.


He talked about the success of vaccines of COVID-19 and advancements in the field of science.

But In the end, its just the hope, we are going with and expecting from science to ease the effects of the pandemic as soon as possible

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