Actor Henry Cavill on what to expect from season 2 of Netflix’s hit show “The Witcher”

The Witcher It’s the fourth most watched Netflix show of all time. Check out these numbers, 76 million households worldwide Watch season one Henry Caville. But we all know as Superman plays is Gerald, the monster Hunter who sword fights his way through the world of sorcery witches and Ails. Season two brings new characters, … Read more

Kentucky Death Toll Rises In Wake Of Tornadoes

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announce additional deaths within the state when tornadoes ripped through the Middle West. We are now up to 74 Kentucky ins that we have lost one additional one in Graves since this morning. Looks like four additional Hopkins, and this is one we are checking right now. I had 14 emergency management came back with 17. I hope … Read more

The national treasure of Mexico, Vicente Fernández, has passed away.

Vicente Fernández

On the same day that Mexicans commemorate the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico’s ranchera music legend, noted for tracks such as “El Rey” and “Volver, Volver,” passed away. Vicente Fernández, Mexico’s musical legend, has died. Vicente Fernandez, the king of ranchera music, succumbed to a heart attack in his native state of Jalisco while at the … Read more

UK Omicron emergency announced


Welcome to this talk. the Prime Minister in the UK has just declared basically an Omega state of emergency. There’s going to be problems here. So what this means is the Omega variant is going to be going everywhere in England and the other parts of the UK.? We already know about, as we’ve been … Read more

“Thank you but we are not coming” Pakistan gave a clear answer to the United States, standing with China

ISLAMABAD (Trending News): Pakistan has refused to attend a summit convened by the United States on democracy. According to a Foreign Office spokesperson, a virtual summit on democracy is being held on December 9 and 10 in which Pakistan has decided not to participate. Thank you to the United States for inviting us to the … Read more

Did General Bipin Rawat’s helicopter get hit by Maoist insurgents? Debate erupted in India

New Delhi (Trending News) The death of India’s Chief of Defense Staff General Bapat Rawat along with his wife and army officers in a helicopter crash has sent shockwaves through India, with rumors circulating in the media. It is learned that General Bipin Rawat’s helicopter did not crash but was allegedly attacked and may have … Read more