23-year-old boy killed XI class girl for refusing marriage offer:

The world is full of selfish people. Its good to think for yourself but if you are not getting it leave it as it is not in your hands. People now days can go to any extend to get what they want specially when it comes to a girl. Some of the boys took it on ego if she refused their proposal and some went to extreme positions that they simply kill the girl. The sterotype “Meri nahi tou kisi ki nahi” is been continued up till now. This story belongs to a XI standard girl who was proposed by a boy and she refused his proposal and in return the boy murdered her. It couldn’t get a lot of brutal than this for rejecting his marriage offer. Once the girl refused to grant in, the youth allegedly injured her thirty two times with a knife fully until she died.

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On Wed, the police detained the boy Jayesh Sarvaiya, a resident of Jetalsar village, for the murder of a 16 year old girl shruti Raiyani. Entire Jetalsar village ascertained curfew in wake of the killing of the teenaged girl. All outlets and markets within the village will be remain closed for some unspecified time in the future,  police mentioned. Adding that further personnel was deployed in Jetalsar to form certain no untoward incident takes place.

According to police, Jayesh had barged into Shrusti’s house within the village in evening once she was alone together with her younger brother.

“Jayesh had been following the victim, who was a student of Jetpur Girl’s school, for quite some time. On Tue evening Jayesh came to Shrusti’s house and asked her to simply accept his marriage offer. However the girl refused. Thus he dragged her out of the house and injured her thirty two times,” stated officer of Jetpur police headquarters.

He aforementioned that once the girl’s younger brother Harsh tried to intervene, Jayesh attacked him with a knife too. However Harsh managed to flee with some superficial wounds and took refuge in a very neighbour’s house.

As shortly because the news regarding the brutal murder unfolds within the village folks gathered round the girl’s house and demanded for justice and the murderer should be arrest imediately.  Girls body has been sent for postpartum and also The family refused to simply accept the girl’s body until Jayesh was under custody.

On Wed, police took Jayesh under custody and warranted the victim’s family of strict penalization for the murderer of their daughter. Once this assurance, the girl’s family accepted her body and cremated her within the village. Shruti’s funeral has been held and the family couldn’t believe still that their daughter is no more with them. Who knew a poor farmer has to face this that the other morning his daughter will not be there to serve him morning tea. The father cannot see his daughter’s face again and the mother’s soul will be half dead seeing her daughter in such position.

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