3.6 Magnitude earthquake strikes at San Jose.

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Earthquak movenments on a device (seismic actvity)

3.6 Magnitude earthquake strikes at San Jose.

An earthquake of 3,6 magnitude just hit San Jose on Wednesday morning. The Earthquake happened near the east Foothills neighborhood of San Jose. The quake was at 10.35 an and was centered on 3.8 miles from the northeast of East Foothills northeast of Alum Rock, 8 miles of east Milpitas, and 8.9 miles of the northeast of San Jose.

People felt the Earthquake’s jolts in the cities of San Jose, San Mateo, San Francisco, Fremont, and Hayward. The Earthquake had a depth of 7,4 km, according to the US geological survey. There were no immediate reports of any damages or injuries.

An earthquake is also known as temblor, quake, or tremor; It is the shaking of the earth’s surface resulting from the sudden release of the energy that is trapped deep inside the Earth Lithosphere. The create seismic waves that travel back the cover. Earthquakes can be violent or due to their size depending on the closeness from the surface. Earthquakes can damage a massive scale as many cities are turned into ruins because of it.

The Earthquake is manifested due to the sudden or displacing or disrupting the ground. When the epicenter of a massive earthquake is located deep in the sea, the seabed is displaced. The phenomenon is the same as when you displace a glass of water and water in it moves in the direction of the movement out of the glass. The shaking in the ocean or seabed causes Tsunami, which causes damages on a huge scale. The Earthquake can also cause landslides and volcanic activity.

Seismic Activity:

The word earthquake is generally the word seismic activity happening deep under the earth’s surface. This activity can either be caused by humans or nature. The most common cause of the Earthquake is the disruption in the geological faults, but due to the other events such as volcanic activities, nuclear blast, landslides, mine blasts, are also said to cause earthquakes.

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