350 elephants were found dead in Botswana within the past two months / shocking

350 elephants found dead within the past two months in Botswana

Since the beginning of May, more than 350 elephant

cadavers have been found in the Okavango Delta region in Southern Africa.

government statement:

According to the government, no one knows

why the animals died, and the outcome of the samples is still within a few weeks.

Botswana is a third of Africa’s population decline.

In the past two months, more than 350 elephants have died in Botswana. Experts call this a “protection disaster.”

Niall McCann of National Park Rescue, a British charity, said his

colleague flew for three hours over the Okavango Delta

in Botswana in southern Africa in early May and found it for the first time 169 dead elephants.

McCann said:

McCann said: “It is unexpected to be able to see and tally all the planes in a 3-hour flight. One month later, our colleague made another flight and found 187 new skeletons, and after that

remains were total in 350 “This is completely

exceptional in terms of the number of elephants killed in an event not related to dearth.”

Cyril Taolo, acting director of the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks, said the government has

definite 280 deaths and sent samples for testing but due to COVID-19 restriction has

postponed the procedure, therefore, the cause of death is unclear some of the symptoms of the remains

show that the its kinda attack on their nervous system.

Dr. McCann initially ruled out natural anthrax poisoning, which killed at least 100 elephants in Botswana last year.

However, they cannot rule out poisoning or disease. Dr. McCann said that the way these animals seem to be on the verge

of death-many of them fell on their

faces seeing other elephants walking in circles, suggesting some kind of potential attack on their nervous system.

Male and female elephants of all ages have died. Witnesses said that some elephants walked in circles, indicating that there

maybe neurological dysfunction, while others appeared weak and thin, indicating death.

“If you look at the dead bodies of the elephants, some of them had died straight on their faces which

showing us that they are dying fast on the Other’s hands apparently die more slowly, just like the wandering ones. So it is hard to say what this venom is, Mai Ken said.

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