5 ideal landing spots for Leonard Fournette fantasy masters

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When the Jaguars announced on Monday that they would release RB Leonard Fournette, they surprised many fantasy football players.

So which landing point is best for Fournette and helps his fantasy master get the most from what seems to be a wasteful draft? Let’s take a look at the five best options.

1. Baltimore crows

I mean, it’s easy. With Lamar Jackson and this solution, you can reinsert all the runners into the lineup system and expect the results. As Mark Ingram matures and reserve player (J.K. Dobbins) becomes a rookie, it may take some time to gain protection in the professional system, and Fournette may have a chance to sneak into the lineup.

2. New England Patriots

The Patriots’ powerful running game is very suitable for Fournette’s running style, and we know that Bill Belichick will not make any more mistakes, so the 2017 first-round pick will have a chance to break the starting lineup. With Cam Newton in the backcourt, the defender will not be able to concentrate on stopping Fournette like he did in Jacksonville.

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3. Houston Texans

Carlos Hyde performed well in this system and his playing style is similar to Fournette. I know that Bill O’Brien just traded David Johnson-a year after trading Duke Johnson, but Fournette will adopt the offense of a large number of power running concepts provides different elements.

4. Kansas City Chief

Look, from Kansas City’s perspective, this doesn’t make much sense, but for anyone using picks on Fournette, it’s an ideal solution. Andy Reid will find a way to improve efficiency. We have seen this in his career as a head coach. Maybe the Chiefs can use the goal line and start with a small rookie Clyde Edwards-Heller.

5. Arizona Cardinals

Kliff Kingsbury experienced many hardships in his first season in Arizona, and almost everyone was productive. Fournette will give the Cardinals stronger short-yard ability than their lineup, and finishing the sprint in the red zone is the main problem for the offense. If Kingsbury’s offense is as good as all of us expected, then if Fournett reaches Arizona, he will have many scoring opportunities.

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