57th Golden Horse Awards ceremony

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Taiwan has already started the annual Golden Horse Awards ceremony. This is a prestigious ceremony, considered equivalent to the Asian Chinese film Oscars.

Golden rose awards
Golden Rose Awards Red carpet highlights

Although the pandemic has shut down major cinemas around the world, actors, directors, and other personnel still managed to walk the red carpet before the 57th Golden Horse Awards in Taipei on Saturday night.

The Taiwanese romantic comedy “My Missing Valentine” nominated for this year’s awards with 11 nominations.

Hong Kong’s “hand-rolled cigarettes” received seven nominations, while Hong Kong’s “The Way We Keep Dancing” received six.

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“Taking Back the Legislature” was nominated for best documentary. It was a Hong Kong film. The focus of the film is the onslaught of the city’s Legislative Council building, which was a crucial moment in the anti-government protests last year.

Singaporean actor Mark Lee nominated for Best Actor for his role as a drag queen in “Number 1.”

Malaysian rapper Namewee’s song “Happy Family” was nominated as the best theme song for his movie “Babi”, which was banned in Malaysia.

Golden Horse awards 2020
Taiwanese Mo Tzu-yi wins best lead actor at Golden Horse awards

Due to the tension between China and Taiwan, Beijing has banned its artists from participating in the competition. This is the second year in a row that no mainland Chinese talent has participated in the competition. Taiwan split from the mainland after the civil war in 1949, but China still calls the island part of its territory.

These tensions have already appeared at the music festival. In 2018, the documentary film director Fu Yue called on the world to recognize Taiwan as an independent country in his speech at the awards ceremony. Currently, only a few countries do so.

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In response, the Chinese participants refused to appear on the stage, made clear comments that Taiwan and China are members of the same family, and then refused to attend the banquet reception after the performance.

China has its film award, the Golden Rooster Award, which is restricted by government ideology and censorship.

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