‘7news is a racist’ people slammed the channel after their racial post on England Players!

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Channel 7 is SLAMMED for being racist on social media posts regarding England players who recently lost some penalties within the Euro 2020 final few days back.

A poorly-worded social media post by 7News has prompted outrage once it got wind and commented on the quality of England players who lost penalties within the match Euro 2020 final.  

There was a Facebook post which has a link to its story regarding the brutal and racist attacks on the 3 black players of England, Bukayo Saka, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford had endured.

The 3 lost their crucial spot kicks within the penalty fighting climax of the Euro 2020 final match against Italy at Wembley on Monday morning. On Twitter and Facebook, the trio was straightaway bombarded with vile racist on-line comments and jibes within the wake of the loss that was wide condemned.

But 7News’ link to the story regarding the racist abuse showed very little sensitivity.

people slammed the channel after their racial post on England Players
people slammed the channel after their racial post on England Players

It read as “Three Black players failed in the penalty shoot out which England lost 3-2 to Italy.” British Labour MP and race nominee David Lammy enclosed the post joined of 4 examples of the shocking racism of the 3 players had suffered. 

He added as “This why we take the knee’, referring to the protest move in support of Black Lives Matter.”

The backlash was equally as vicious in Australia, with former black Socceroo Francis Awaritefe slamming the TV network for the blunder.

“Is there any surprise that in an all white Australian newsroom in this febrile climate this vile headline can be posted on Twitter, and then quietly deleted, after a surge of complaints, without an apology or any accountability? This is not about individuals racism is systemic.” He tweeted.

ABC comedian Charlie Pickering added: “Hey @7NewsAustralia what the f*** is with this headline? Have you lost your actual mind? And how has the person who wrote it been counseled?”

Former Socceroo captain and 2021 NSW Australian of the Year politician Craig Foster, who currently works closely with exile teams has conjointly condemned the post.  He said that with racism a rising social scourge in Australia, on-line platforms and athletes subject to vile abuse once #Euro2020Final and here in Australia, to envision this from a serious network in Australia is on the far side wicked.

He further said that there must be a proper apology and demanded for the note that this would not going to happened again from the same channel!

7News later altered the post to get rid of the word ‘black’ before finally deleting the post utterly once the furious backlash and later released a press conference to apologize.

Earlier on Monday, a 7NEWS.com social media post was revealed with a too bad mistake, according to the statement. The post joined to a commentary inceptive racial abuse to England soccer players following the team’s loss to Italy in Sunday’s Euro 2020 final match.

The caption on the post was fleetly corrected as shortly they apologies everyone for their irrelevant mistake.

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