8 Things to Consider While Buying a Gaming PC

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Gaming Pc

Gaming is the most popular sport in the world. It has been a source of income for thousands of gamers who play games, win tournaments, and stream live on youtube.

Many teenagers, young and even old people, are entering the gaming field for fame and money. For this, a gaming pc is a must if you want to be a successful gamer. But while buying a gaming pc, you must consider these 8 things.


The most important thing to consider while buying a gaming PC is your budget. Can you buy a $1000 PC in $400? Of course not!! If you have a budget of 300-400 dollars, you can go for an average PC, but if your budget is high like $1000 or $2000, you can buy a high-performance PC.

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RAM is the most basic unit of every PC. The performance of your PC, its speed, optimization of applications, etc. all depends upon RAM. If you want to play basic games like COD MW series or small games like IGI, etc., 2 to 4 GB of RAM is enough, but if you’re going to play big games like Battlefield, Tekken 7, etc., the minimum RAM should be 8 GB up to 16 GB.

Hard Disk:

It is better to look for the storage space before buying a gaming PC. The hard disk of 40GB or 80GB was considered too much, but with the advancement of games, their size increased, and to play those games, larger drives were required. If we talk about today, your PC should have at least 1 TB of hard drive/storage up to 5 TB.

Graphics Card:

The first graphic card was introduced in1987 by IBM that can give 2D graphics easily. But as the gameplay became enhanced, a new graphics card was required to play these games. By now, there is a wide range of graphics cards from 512GB up to 12GB. But not every graphic card fits in all computers; you have to see this thing too, whether your pc can hold this graphic card or not. For heavy games, a graphic card of 4GB is recommended. Numerous brands manufacture graphic card, but I would suggest Nvidia.

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Customization is also very important while buying a gaming PC and to check if it is highly customizable or not. Trends are changing every day. Suppose you purchase a PC for heavy gaming, an update comes that requires more specifications. Will you now buy another PC? Surely not. In fact, you will replace the parts of your computers like RAM, ROM, Graphics card, etc. Make sure to check the customizability of a PC before buying.


There are different types of processors. The main demanding types in the market are Core I3, Core I5, and Core I7. Each core has different generations from the 1st generation to the 9th generation. The more advanced generation is the 9th one, and the old one is 1st. For high graphic gaming, you should go with the 9th generation, but 5th and 6th generations are not bad too. But the processors below 5th generation are not recommended for gaming. I3 can be used just for low graphic games.

The sequel of performance of processors is:


1st Gen<5th<9th

Cooling System:

Imagine you are at the last stage of your game, and you have been playing from the last 5 hours. As time passes, you are getting closer to the end, and the temperature of your PC is also increasing with time. At the last moment, the temperature rises to a high level, and your PC shuts down.

How would you feel? Angry!! Right?

To avoid this problem, make sure that your system has an excellent cooling system, multiple fans, and today, many manufacturers add a liquid cooling system for high performance.

RGB Light:

When you buy an expensive PC, the primary purpose besides performance is that it should look beautiful and attractive. And the thing that adds to the beauty of a PC is RGB lights. They make your PC look attractive and enhance the gaming experience.

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