A Brooklyn Handyman confessed serial killing of three elderly neighbors.

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A Brooklyn Handyman confessed serial killing of three elderly neighbors in his Brooklyn NYCHA building. The confession was given on Thursday, January 21, and all the victims shared a horrific five-year stretch, stated by police.

Kevin Gavin of age 66, suspected, was taken under supervision inside the Woodson Houses on Powell St. in Brooklyn. This was the place where the first murder happened in November, back in the year 2015. The most recent killing was recorded to happen just last Friday.

Gavin was suspected by the police in the first couple of unsolved murders. As stated by a source, the key factor of evidence was found which relates Gavin to all three slayings.

As declared by the police, “The 5-foot-10, 200-pound suspect was indeed a man who lived in the building and ran errands for his senior citizen victims. He lived on the same floor as two of his victims and had a glass left eye.”

As stated by Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, the suspect took advantage of his relationship with those women. Attorney said, “He was allowed into their homes than did unspeakable acts of violence against them. These women were beloved mothers, grandmothers, and neighbors.”

At a One Police Plaza news conference, NYPD Chief of Detectives named Rodney Harrison spoke words about the matter. He said, “the killer knew all three victims and would often assist the women.”

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What was the reason for murders told by Brooklyn Handyman who confessed to serial killing?

Rodney Harrison confirmed a Brooklyn Handyman confessed serial killing
Rodney Harrison confirmed a Brooklyn Handyman confessed serial killing

The 66-year-old, Kevin Gavin, already had 9 previous imprisonments for drugs, burglary, and other charges. Gavin told investigators that the reason for these murders includes ‘an argument over money or finances.’

Rodney Harrison clarified by saying that forensic evidence and witnesses have conducted the arrest of Gavin. Also, in a tweet of Dermot Shea, NYPD Commissioner, on Thursday, it was confirmed that Gavin is charged. He wrote, “Today, because of your NYPD detectives’ relentless investigatory work, we announce that 1 man is being charged with all 3 of these murders.”

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