A Chinese man reunited with his kidnapped son after 24 years of snatching! Read the story.

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A Chinese man has been reunited together with his son after a whole 24-year search. According to the reports people saw him travelling over five hundred km (310,000 mi) on a bike across the country.

Guo Gangtang’s son had been snatched at a very early age of 2 by human traffickers ahead of their point Shandong province. His son’s disappearance really galvanized a flick in the year 2015 and the movie was inspired by this story in which superstar Hong Kong whiz Andy Lau acted.

Child abductions are a giant drawback in China, with thousands taken once a year. According to China’s Ministry of Security, the police were able to trace his son’s identity victimization DNA testing. 2 suspects were later half-track down and are in remission, claimed a worldwide Times report.

A Chinese man reunited with his kidnapped son after 24 years of snatching
A Chinese man reunited with his kidnapped son after 24 years of snatching

The suspects, who were dating at the time, had planned to seize a baby with the intention of marketing him for cash, claimed by report on China news.

After recognizing man Guo’s son taking part in alone outside his home, the feminine suspect known solely by her family name Tang grabbed him and took him to the depot, wherever her partner, a Mr Hu, was waiting.

The couple then took an intercity coach to neighbor Henan province and sold  him there in black market for a certain amount.

Local media reports say Guo’s son was found still living within the province.

“Now that the kid has been found, everything will solely be happy from currently on,”

Mr Guo told reporters.

After his son was kidnapped in the year 1997, Guo reportedly claim to travel over twenty provinces round the country on the rear of a bike chasing tip-offs just for his son. He decided that he will not be stopped until he got his son back.

In the method, he has broken bones in traffic accidents and even encountered main road robbers. His 10 motorbikes have conjointly been broken but nothing stops him in front of his love for his son.

Carrying around banners together with his son’s image on them, he’s said to own spent his life savings for his mission, sleeping below bridges and mendicancy for cash once he ran out of money.

While trying to find his son, he has conjointly become a distinguished member of missing-persons organizations in China, and has helped a minimum of seven parents to reunite with their kidnapped children.

As before long as news bust that Guo’s son had been set, Chinese social media was engulfed with messages of support for the daddy. People really appreciate his dedication to find his son. Mostly people give up when such incidents happened but Guo didn’t stop and find his son wherever he can. His dedication led him to finally meet his son after 24 years of searching!

In China, the kidnapping and trafficking of kids has been a drag for many years. Zhang Qingqing’s family told her she was bought as a baby. In the year 2015, it had been calculable that twenty thousand kids were being kidnapped annually in China. Several of them are sold into adoption, some were used domestically and the others got sold out overseas.

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