A comeback trail: Robert De Niro directed an all-star movie “The Wrong Comedy”

Robert De Niro The comeback trail scene

The film industry is a killer business. If everything happens suddenly, everything will go wrong. But in the new movie “The Road to Comeback”. This is exactly what Robert De Niro and all-star actors hope to happen because the deadliest scam in Hollywood history is about to be hatched!

Robert De Niro The comeback trail

The only problem is that in order to be rewarded, one must die, and that person is Tommy Lee Jones who seems unable to kill. You have to see it to believe it, so here is the trailer for The Comeback Trail:

We did mention the All-Star lineup in The Road to Comeback, and as you can see in the first glance above. This is a lineup hell, trying to make it rich by knocking down the’em dead’. When a pair of producers (Robert De Niro and Zach Bluff) are struggling to repay the Mafia. They have heavy debts (Morgan Freeman), and the rival producer (Emil Hirsch) The idea that the accidental death of our protagonist died.

 All they have to do is look like they are shooting a movie on their own. With a Western star (Tommy Lee Jones) who is completely crazy/washed up and let him die “accidentally”.

Of course:

This is not a lack of attempts, because the “comeback journey” shows the role of Tommy Lee Jones involved in everything from the daily round of Russian roulette to fiery stunts and crumbling scenes.

But, in a truly comedic fashion, Jones is aptly named Duke Montana, Hardcover Hardshell Duke, to make himself stand out and ready to go.

Max Barber of Robert De Niro was annoyed by this. Which meant he had to go back to the drawing board again

For Robert De Niro, 2020 will be a strong year, because he has two major comedy appearances after 2019. Which allowed him to devote his efforts and soul to become Martin The protagonist of Martin Scorsese’s aging mob epic “The Irishman.”

There is no doubt that playing such a heavy role, the actor will need some time to recover mentally and have some fun.

Think about it, all you have to do is dodge some dodge balls on some kids and try to kill Tommy Lee Jones.

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