A complete guide to super features in Netflix Project Power

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In recent years, we have seen countless superhero movies-Marvel movies and DC movies dominate the global box office-but the new Netflix movie “Project Power” handles this genre in a different way. The film illustrates a new pill that when taken, it will provide users with five minutes of super efficacy-given how many pills were taken during the filming process, we have seen many different effects, all of which have been It was developed. Start from the characteristics of animals.

Of course, these powers do not make those who use them invincible, and even for those who are lucky enough to show the power that will not automatically kill them, there are real consequences.

Netflix Project Power

The power of art

In a scene where he saw Art and Robin discussing pills, Art explained that he was one of the first subjects who took the pill test. He took it once, but the response was great, so he vowed never to be addicted to it again.

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Invisibility is the power we have seen countless times on the screen, and asking someone’s ideal power would be a common answer. In the film, users with this ability do not actually become completely invisible, but gain the ability to disguise themselves, which is basically the same thing


We often see Frank (Joseph Gordon Levitt) becoming bulletproof after taking medicine, although this means that he will not be killed if he is shot does not mean it is completely unaffected-he will grow thick enough leather to stop the bullet It hit the head but left him unconscious and bruised.


Newt is a character we encounter in the movie who can turn himself into a human fireball-leading to a delightful early action sequence.

What other powers are there?

We also saw some other forces throughout the film, but explored in a smaller depth, including elasticity, temperature regulation, super power and super fast speed – we saw an article in the newspaper saying A person can run by at a speed of 45MPH, in the process of a police car.

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