Mexico, A dirty border camp was finally closed. Now another one is opened

Helen Dunmore
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Reynosa, Mexico-For about three years under the Trump administration, temporary camps for immigrants from all over the world operated in the Mexican city of Matamoros.

 It was actually the first refugee camp on the US-Mexico border, hoping to obtain asylum in the US, but when their case was being tried, it was crowded with people who were forced to wait in Mexico.

The camp was a painful sign of the labor cost of the previous government’s tough immigration policy and was covered by bulldozers in March.

Reynosa, Mexico Immigrants Camp

President Biden’s allowed many residents to enter the United States.

Others were safely placed in shelters in Mexico. This death seems to mark an important step in Mr. Biden’s promise to establish a new and more humane era at the border.

But a few weeks later, a new camp appeared about 55 miles west of Reynosa, Mexico. Rescuers say this is much worse than the Matamoros camp.

It is overcrowded, has more than 2,000 residents, is dirty and smelly, and lacks the health and sanitation infrastructure that non-profit organizations have built-in Matamoros for months. Blackmail attacks and kidnappings are commonplace.

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Mr. Biden acted quickly to withdraw the Trump administration’s stay in Mexico. Policy for asylum seekers, but urges border guards to expel most cross-border migrants immediately. I left the order. Do they want to apply for asylum? On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to prevent the court from ordering the government to reinstate its order to “stay in Mexico.” The policy increases the possibility that other similar camps will reappear at the border. paddy. The last area on the square near the border bridge to Texas is covered with a mess of small tents and tarpaulins.

Small humanitarian organizations connect shorter urban waterlines, but this is not enough. There is only one sink, and its plug often dries out. Not enough drinking water was taken away by a truck. There is no shower.

Underfunded non-profit organizations and private donors work hard to provide everything from toilet paper and disinfectants to food and medicine to the immigrant families in the camps.

According to the emergency public health measures taken by former President Donald J. Trump to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, almost all Reynosa refugee camps and immigrants from Matamoros have been deported to Mexico.

The Biden administration said it would follow the immigration agreement, or the order of a Texas judge, to resume its “stay in Mexico.” The plan is referred to as MPP, but Mexico will formally cooperate with the United States. In order to accommodate immigrants waiting for an asylum application decision, it is not clear whether they agree.

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