A man surrendered after claiming a bomb near the U.S. Capitol

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On Thursday, a North Carolina man claimed that there was a bomb on a pickup truck near the U.S. Capitol. After an hour of the standoff, he surrendered to law enforcement on Thursday, prompting a large-scale police response and evacuation. Government buildings in the area.

The authorities searched the truck to try to understand what caused the suspect, Floyd Ray Roseberry, 49, who drove onto the sidewalk outside the Library of Congress, to issue bomb threats to the police and claimed His dissatisfaction with the anti-government is a series of strange episodes he broadcasted live to Facebook audiences.

Police offers who arrested the man who claimed he had a bomb in his truck

The police said that they did not find the bomb in the car, but collected materials that could make the bomb from the car. After about five hours of negotiations, the deadlock was resolved peacefully until Roseberg climbed out of the truck and was detained by the police.

However, even in a city with a long history and an emotional law requirement experience outside a government milestone, the occasion is eminent on account of its planning.

The authorities spent hours negotiating with Rothbury-first using a dry erase board and then bringing him a phone number that he refused to use-and they were learning more about his background on Thursday afternoon.

They did not disclose any details about the motives, nor did they immediately announce any allegations. Congressional Police Commissioner J. Thomas Manger said that investigators had been talking with Rothbury’s family and learned that his mother had recently passed away. “He is dealing with other issues,” the person in charge said but did not provide specific details.

Bomb in U.S. capitol

But social media seems to provide its own clues.

As the police continued to negotiate, the truck was filled with coins and boxes, and Roseberry’s video appeared on Facebook Live. He threatened to explode, expressed hostility to President Joe Biden, blasphemously warned of “revolution,” and exposed a series of dissatisfaction related to the US position on Afghanistan, health care, and the military.

Roseberry’s ex-Crystal Roseberry said that she saw the man’s photograph in the Capitol and affirmed to the Associated Press that this was her ex. She said she never realized he had explosives, yet he was an enthusiastic weapon authority.

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A video posted to Facebook before the page was deleted appeared to show that Rosebery had thousands of Trump supporters attending a rally in Washington on November 14 to protest their alleged election theft.

A video appeared to have been taken by Rothbury when he was marching with hundreds of people holding American and Trump flags and shouting “Stop stealing.”

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