A number of dead migratory birds were found in New Mexico

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A number of dead migratory birds were found in New Mexico, biologists at new Mexico state university are trying to figure out why it happened. On 20 August several dead birds were found in the US Army White Sands Missile Range and White Sands National Monument.

Accident or Incident

At first, everybody considers it’s an accident or is an isolated incident but it turned out a much more serious matter when hundreds of Hundreds of dead birds were found. It’s a terrible and sad incident.

According to the biologists at New Mexico state university, the number is in the six figures just by looking at the scope of what we’re seeing or what we observed but we found.

Such incidents found at a larger place is such as bad news for us what is the reason behind all of this and we are looking at the higher end of that incident.

All of these are migratory birds first everybody thought that it was an isolated incident. But it became a serious problem when hundreds and hundreds of more  Dead birds were found.

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Migratory birds include species are:

Migratory birds include species such as Warblers, Bluebirds, Arrows, Black Words, Button, Kiwi, and Flycatcher.  Which were found in Colorado Texas and Mexico maximum we can say across the state. A team of biologists identifying the reason behind this incident are examining about 300 words on Saturday. Why they died? When they died? what’s the actual reason behind this incident? The birds were acting strangely before they died, according to the biologists.

Factors behind the death of these birds

Some factors that a biologist considered might be the reason behind the death of these birds.

  • First, the weather was not suitable for the migration of the birds
  • The second reason, Some words might in head smoke and uphold lung damage 
  • Third, Fire and dry weather might be the reason behind the death of these birds 

These birds were sent to the US fish and wildlife service forensic laboratory to examine and determine the cause of their death.

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