A Pakistani Muslim family got attacked by a Canadian truck! 4 died at the moment and 1 kid got injured.

Helen Dunmore

A man driving a heavy truck slammed into and killed four members of a Muslim family in Canada’s province known as Ontario. The police claimed that this was not an accident in fact it was a planned attack motivated by hatred to the family.

A 20-year-old suspect covering his face with a scarf like body armor fled the scene on Sunday evening, and was inactive at a mall seven kilometers and four miles from the intersection in London. Ontario where the attack happened was now under observation of Detective Superintendent Paul Waight and according to his calculations, there is proof that this was a planned or a revenge act or motivated by hate. It’s believed that these victims were targeted as a result of they were Muslim,” he told in the media. Canada’s Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair represented it as a horrific act of preconception and announced strict action.

Muslim family got attacked by a Canadian truck
Muslim family got attacked by a Canadian truck

They believe the family was targeted due to their religion, which the offender was motivated by his emotion of Muslims. The names of the victims weren’t discharged, however they embody a 74-year-old lady, a 46-year-old man, a 44-year-old lady and a 15-year-old girl along representing 3 generations of identical family, in step with London civil authority ED Holder. A nine-year-old boy was additionally hospitalized following the attack and is ill. Let the things be clear, this was an act of slaughter perpetrated against Muslims and against Londoners. A vigil in memory of the victims will took place in mosque. This was simply a terrific act of Islamophobia.

Muslim family killed in ‘premeditated’ truck attack in Canada | English News | WION News

The suspect, known as Nathaniel Veltman, has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of tried murder. Detective Waight said native authorities also are liaising with federal police and also the professional person general concerning adding possible coercion charges.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that he was horrified by the attack. “To the Muslim community in London and to Muslims across the country, grasp that we are standing with you. Preconception has no place in any of our communities. This hate is insidious and despicable and it should stop,” he said.

At concerning 8:40 pm on Sunday in step with police, the 5 members of the family were walking along on a pavement once a black pick-up truck mounted the curb as they were waiting to cross the road. Detective Waight offered few details of the investigation, however noted that the suspect’s social media postings were reviewed by police. The attack that brought back painful memory of a Quebec City Mosque’s mass shooting in January 2017 and a driving rampage in Toronto that killed ten individuals in April 2018. The National Council of Canadian Muslims issued a statement that it absolutely was beyond horror-struck and demands justice for the family who was just out for a walk on a heat spring evening and got murdered brutally.

Muslim family got attacked by a Canadian truck
Muslim family got attacked by a Canadian truck

The Quebec City shooter, Alexandre Bissonette, was sentenced to forty years in jail however that was down and also the Supreme Court is currently reviewing his penalization. Similarly in Toronto, a 28-year-old man tilled a rented van into pedestrians at high speed in 2018 and was found guilty in March of murdering ten individuals and attempting to kill sixteen others. Before that attack, Alek Minassian denote on Facebook a relevancy an internet community of “involuntary celibates” whose sexual frustrations make them do to embrace an ideology that is misogynist. He will be going to be sentenced in January of the year 2022.

This means they are only talking about law and order but did not contribute in making peace and justice to Muslims. This truck attack was also very brutally done and we are sure that after some days of ‘sorrows’ and ‘sympathy’ these corrupt government will again forget are Muslim brothers and sisters!

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