A rare Halloween ‘blue moon’ in October

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October will be the moon event of this year.

There will be two full moons this month, one of which will be on Halloween night on October 31. Next time, we will see the same creepy Halloween blue moon is 2039, so please plan the werewolf costume accordingly.

According to the “Farmer’s Yearbook” report, the last time that Halloween was visible in all time zones in the United States was 1944.

The Halloween full moon will be the so-called “blue” moon because it is the second full moon of that month.

According to NASA, there is usually only one full moon in a few months, but occasionally. Full moons are 29 days apart, while most months are 30 or 31 days apart. Therefore, it is possible to accommodate two full moons in one month. Usually, this appears every two and a half years.

There is an alternative explanation: when there are four full moons in a season, the third one considered as a blue moon.

Of course, the moon will not turn blue on Halloween night. The color will be the same as usual.

According to Earthsky.org,

the blue moon in the photo is usually made using a unique blue camera filter or in a post-processing program such as PhotoShop.

CNN reported, but in rare cases, the moon does appear blue. Smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere, such as during a major volcanic eruption, may cause the moon to look blue.

If you can’t wait to wait for the blue moon for Halloween, the first full moon of the month will arrive on Thursday, October 1.

In the evening of that day, a “harvest” full moon will rise in the eastern sky, and the nearly full moon can be seen almost every night throughout the weekend.

The harvest moon is the closest full moon to the autumnal equinox, and this fall is September 22. The harvest month is rare in October: the harvest month is usually September, although it may not appear until October 7.

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