A Reddit user posted some screenshots of Wayfair

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a Reddit user posted some screenshots of Wayfair official website in which 4 different person’s name on the product mentioned and prices are much higher for the same wardrobes who is selling now on low rates.

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Those wardrobes were much pricy then a usual wardrobe of Wayfair.

Affects of that post:

This screenshot horrified all the people and spread horror, they were trafficking?

Some people express their feeling on social media an undulation of hatred and terror spread in the whole society.

The spokeswoman of Wayfair said that “there is no truth behind this claim” and she also clarified that “all the products are industrial grade cabinets and now they are accurately priced”.

But the post of Reddit user horrified every person.

A new conspiracy theory about Wayfair :

he submitted a new conspiracy theory, and to be honest he posted and added the caption with proof, kinda scary for me.

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Its sickening my stomach actually, what if this conspiracy theory is true? But why they choose their official website to do this type of work.

That post was evidence of trafficking child or something else?

Is it possible that Wayfair is involved in this act or it is just a trap to lessen the popularity of Wayfair products?

But why on the official website of Wayfair human names were showing on different wardrobes and they were pricy than the other wardrobe who was in actuality the same.

Wayfair denies all the allegations:

Wayfair still denies all the facts and screenshot and featured it as a trap to affect their popularity.

Nobody knows what’s the truth behind all this dirty little game. It is just a theory or a piece of real information given by the random person to open the eyes of the world towards the Wayfair.

Many children are missing:

Many people claimed that they named the exact names of children who were missing a while ago.

One cabinet name is Anabel5, I’m having goosebumps right now. Almost nearly 1 million children missed every year.

This can not be a coincidence. This conspiracy-like any other conspiracy started with a rumor but if it is true it is sickening. It just started a Reddit user.

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