A suspect stabs multiple men in Glasgow.

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Glasgow incident, A suspect in Glasgow got shot by police who stabbed policemen and six men. The injured also include a policemen.

The police said that they are not looking for anyone in the hotel.

The armed police arrived at the Park Inn Hotel in West George street. There were reports of multiple stabbings in the hotel.

The male suspect died after multiple shots from special forces.
The sources suspected multiple people died on the spot due to injuries. It was found out that only the killer was shot dead.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Johnson suggested the incident is not a terrorism-related killing. The security forces are thoroughly investigating the matter. The police neutralized the treat but warned people to stay away from the area. The 91-room hotel housed 91 asylum seekers during the corona pandemic. There are around 100 asylum seekers in the hotel.
The police reported that a 42-year-old police officer is in critical condition but stable condition in hospital.

The men aged 17, 18, 20, 38, and 53, treated at the hospital. The police also said that the family of the police officer has reported about the incident.

Eyewitnesses of the incident in Glasgow:

Craig Milroy reported the incident that he saw an injured man outside the hotel.

“I saw a man with no T-shirt, no shoes lying on the ground with what looked like a stab wound with someone compressing the wound,” he told the BBC News Channel.

The Telegraph News

Matthew Nisbet, who worked near the hotel said: ”within two or three minutes of everything kicking off”.

Chris Falchi-Stead hosted a meeting when he saw the incident. “When we looked out the window, we noticed there must have been 20 or 30 police cars and about ten ambulances,” he said.

Stuart Gibson, who lives West George Street near the Park Inn Hotel ”Armed police rushed into the hotel, it made it look as if they were looking for something.
“There was certainly one person who was carried out by the police.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said, “caught up in this terrible incident.”
She also added: “I also want to thank all of those police officers whose quick and decisive actions contained the incident – one of whom was among those taken to the hospital and the work of the other emergency services.”

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