A woman spy on her husband’s phone which lead her charge for 1 lac rupees to invade husband’s privacy!

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This news came from United Arab Emirates, where a woman got charged for checking her husband’s cellphone/ the husband cased on his wife and she got charged for 1 lac rupees which she now has to provide to her husband for violating his privacy. We know it was really shocking as it was surprising for too but this is the truth.

This seems like joke for many people but can you really imagine A UAE woman has been ordered to pay 1,000,000 as compensation to her husband for violating his privacy by spying on his phone and sharing photos and recordings along with his family.

The story of an Arab housewife has been recorded when she was asked by court to pay a fine for spying on her husband’s phone and violating his privacy. A civil court in Ras Al Khaimah has ordered the married spouse to pay fifty four thousand dirham for causation her husband’s photos and recordings to his family so as to tarnish his image.

A woman spy on her husband’s phone

The husband filed a case exacting compensation from his better half for damaging his image and insulting him. He claimed that he lost his earnings all due to his wife as his absence from work to pursue the case and conjointly had to pay the professional fees too. The husband also claims and declared a statement that the case caused him mental disturbance and he is not well since the case started, in keeping with the Emarat Al Youm newspaper.

Meanwhile, the wife’s professional lawyer claimed that the husband abused her verbally and expelled her from their home which was of both husband and wife, that left her and their young girl with none support.

A woman spy on her husband’s phone which lead her charge for 1 lac rupees to invade husband’s privacy
A woman spy on her husband’s phone which lead her charge for 1 lac rupees to invade husband’s privacy

The court dominated that the proof established against the woman as she desecrated her husband’s privacy by spying on his phone. Proof showed that she shared photos and recordings, and abused him. The court declared that the husband incurred expenses and due money compensation. However, the court rejected the husband’s claim that following up with the case make him losing his earnings.

This was not the woman who spies on his husband’s phone, as it was the one side story. The other side of the story is that the woman also got wrongs messages from her husband’s cellphone who was misbehaving with her. In order of these proofs of messages, courts also filed charges of 3.5 lacs on man to compensate for hurting woman’s emotions through text messages. The court claims that women should not spy on her man’s phone as it was his privacy but also man is registered in criminal record for insulting his wife in Al Ain Court.

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