Abdoullakh Azorov, The killer of Samuel Paty was in contact with Jihadist in the past

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Abdoullakh Azorov The killer of Samuel Paty
Abdoullakh Azorov | The killer of Samuel Paty was in contact with Jihadist in the past

Samuel Paty-the teacher who showed cartoons of the Prophet (Muhammad PBUH) in class, was decapitated by Abdoullakh Anzorov last week.

Abdoullakh Azorov , The killer of Samuel Paty
Abdoullakh Azorov | The killer of Samuel Paty

His killer was spotted in contact with Jihadi in Syria according to resources.

French teacher attacked: the suspect “asked students to point out Samuel Patty”

According to French media, on Thursday it was confirmed that 7 people were involved in this murder including two school kids and they are facing charges after Abdoullakh Anzorov.

French Teacher attacked
French Teacher attacked

That two school kids accepted money for helping him to identify the teacher.                                                                

Le Parisien Newspaper confirmed that: Abdoullakh Anzorov was in contact with an unidentified Russian speaking jihadist when he was in Syria.

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He contacted Jihadist in September through his Instagram account. In an audio message from Russian, he said that Paty had portrayed Holy Prophet in an insulting way and gave references from the Quran.

Thousands gather in Paris in memory of murdered teacher Samuel Paty | Guardian News

This message was translated by the French press and published with tweets; in one tweet Paty’s head was shown and in other he Abdoullakh confessed and dead shot.

Samuel Paty killing: Chief prosecutor says two minors allegedly paid to identify teacher | euro news
Samuel Paty murder: Seven people charged with complicity in a terrorist assassination | euro news

Who is Samuel Paty?

Samuel Paty
Samuel Paty

Samuel Paty was a middle school teacher, he taught History, Biography, and Civics for five years.

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French Teacher Samuel Paty
French Teacher Samuel Paty

During his Civics class on the topics of freedom of speech, he showed some of the cartoons of Muhammad to his students.

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He also said Muslim students can leave if they want. He shared the cartoons as part of the freedom discussion.

Even a student filed a complaint against him and told investigators that he displays an image of nudes of Muhammad.

Brahim Chnina, father of the student encouraged others to stand against Paty.

Who is Abdoullakh Anzorov?

Abdoullakh Anzorov, 18, was born in Moscow. A week after the cartoons incident waited outside of Paty’s School and identify him, followed him, and with a 30 cm long sharp knife he killed Paty beheaded him on the road and inflicted several wounds on his head, and said ALLAH O AKBAR.

After the murder police followed him and tried to arrest him, he tried to kill them and during all this, he was dead shot by police.

An image of Paty’s head was posted on social media with the message of

“In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful”

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