According to Jerry Jones, Ezekiel Elliott came off the bench for the first time in his Cowboys career due to a disciplinary issue.

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Ezekiel Elliott

The Dallas Cowboys, and particularly club owner Jerry Jones, have shown steadfast support for running back Ezekiel Elliott. Whenever questioned, Jones dismisses the suggestion that Elliott is not the offensive focal point for Dallas.

Elliott has started every single game he had played for the Cowboys prior to Sunday. Sunday night, this streak came to an end.

In his 98th game, Elliott did not start. Tony Pollard began and played the whole first series for the Cowboys.

Jones told reporters after the game that it was due to a disciplinary issue.

Even though who starts in the NFL isn’t as essential as it once was, especially in a shared backfield, Pollard’s start was vital for the Cowboys.

Ezekiel Elliott

Everyone has been yelling for a long time that Pollard has to start and play a larger role for the Cowboys. Pollard is more explosive and provides an ability to make big plays that Elliott lacks. Dallas had fought this change, but Pollard’s influence has been expanding in recent weeks.

It does not imply Elliott did not play frequently. He entered during the second season of Dallas. On fourth-and-1 in that series, he gained a significant first down. He concluded the night with 17 carries compared to 12 for Pollard. Nonetheless, it was notable.

Ezekiel Elliott

When Elliott was sidelined earlier in the season due to injury, Pollard stepped up and demonstrated he can be a feature back. Pollard began to receive a greater number of snaps and touches, despite Elliott’s continued workload. Elliott will continue to play a vital role in the offense moving forward. He was simply not slated to start Sunday Night Football.

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