Actor Henry Cavill on what to expect from season 2 of Netflix’s hit show “The Witcher”

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Actor Henry Cavill on what to expect from season 2 of Netflix's hit show "The Witcher"
Actor Henry Cavill on what to expect from season 2 of Netflix’s hit show “The Witcher”

The Witcher

It’s the fourth most watched Netflix show of all time. Check out these numbers, 76 million households worldwide Watch season one Henry Caville.

But we all know as Superman plays is Gerald, the monster Hunter who sword fights his way through the world of sorcery witches and Ails. Season two brings new characters, plot twists, and, of course, more monsters. Here’s a scene where Harold.Here’s a scene where Gerald is ambushed by a menacing tree monster.

So season two is expected to be bigger and better.

What can viewers expect?

Viewers can expect some fantastic performances, especially from Freya and Anja. They are absolutely brilliant. Andya has got some original story to play with as well, and the VFX is extraordinary.

And the way the show looks, it really has come on from the last season, and it’s brilliant. Our direction, photography are fantastic.

You were telling Gail earlier that you pushed for season two to more closely in line with the books are the books, the reason you got into it in the first place.

Actually, I thought the books were a product of the games, so I was playing the games first, and then I was told that I’d seen the books in the bookstores, and I just figured they work the game work on the front, that they were actually based upon the games.

I then learned that they were not. And so I read the books, and I absolutely loved them as a pairing.

The games and the books are brilliant together, but, yeah, then I pushed for what changes. There’s only so much that I can change when it comes to a new season.

He Said,

I can’t change storylines.

I can’t even really change character trajectory.

But one thing I did want to do was introduce more of the book Geralt into the show.

And that is a guy who’s more intellectual. He’s wiser. Yeah, he’s still grumpy. He’s still morose, and he’s still petulant at times. But I really wanted to make sure we had a three dimensional version of the character rather than a two dimensional, just grumpy snowman living in the mountains.

I drew inspiration from Doug Cockle, who voiced him for the games, and I didn’t want to do a direct impression just of Dougs, so I tried to switch up a little bit, and I was reading the books.

I found out that he was described as having a metallic voice so that can come across as pretty much anything. I knew there’d be a fan base which would recognize me familiar with something similar to Ducks.

You campaigned for this role from the very beginning.?

He said, Yes, I did.

Why did you campaign?

I believe in putting it out there, making it clear why did you do that?

Because so many people would be reluctant to campaign the way you did.
I was a huge fan of the games, and I’ve been doing this now, acting for 21 years.

And so whenever I’m doing things like playing great computer games, I’m thinking, Can I turn this into a movie?
Can I turn it into a TV show?

How would I do it?

And then I heard the Netflix had bought the IP, and so I got my agents chasing them down like they were kicking the door down.

Are you always one to read comments and reviews?

Because that’s a messy game. A lot of people don’t do that. And a lot of reviews and comments are not very friendly.

I think it’s important for me. I find it important to read reviews and read what people have to say, what fans have to say.

As long as you take out the kind of commentary which is either just blind loyalty or use destructive or destructive criticism, you suck. It may be fine, but if it’s destructive, if it’s from a place which is from a narrative rather than from someone going, Look, I thought your turn is Gerald sucked. That’s an opinion.

You can be able to take that. And the more you read, you might find out why they thought that and they might have a point.

And so then you try and adjust and you try and grow on that. And you have the people who are saying one for positive things as well. And you think, okay, well, I got that bit right.

You see which bits align and which bits are constant in the negative and positive critiques. And then you run with that.

Henry, Is it true that you’re going to play the next James Bond?

I wouldn’t know. Do you want no. Should we start that rumor?

I would love to have a conversation if the conversation were to come my way.

As I understand it, you would be willing to I’d be willing to have the conversation.
I don’t know. Henry said.

There’s a lot that goes into it. It’s not just taking a role. It’s a conversation about where they’re going to go with the character, what they’re going to do with the character.

And I know Barbara and Mike are very talented individuals, and so it’d be wonderful to have a conversation with them if that were to come my way.

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