Addison Rae’s Relationship with Ex Bryce Hall inspired her for her Album song!

The TikTok star Addison Rae is releasing her new upcoming song this year after her first single ‘Obsessed’ released a few times ago. To know more details scroll down and read below!

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall

Addison Rae is going to release her new album song.

Addison Rae is going to release her new album song as he debut song which was ‘obsessed’ was became very popular and hit. The famous TikTok star recently started her career in singing before that she was a famous television personality. Other than singing, she also loves to dance which we can clearly see in her tiktok videos which raised her to fame.

In a recent interview when she was asked about her debut song Obsessed and what makes her inspire to do an album, she reveals some mysteries. She told that her debut song was inspired by a conversation with her ex-boyfriend.

“My album is pretty much just going to be experiences that I’ve gone through or feelings that I’ve had and just different mindsets that I’ve kind of been in over the past year.” She said. 

Although she haven’t named anybody but still fans have figured out that she and her ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall parted their ways and are no more together and their breakup was the confirmation for fans that Addison is talking about him.

“That relationship was such a big part of my life and, you know, that part’s past. It’s still experiences and memories that are still pretty fresh on my mind, and I feel that’s been a lot of inspiration for me.” She further mentioned.

She further clarified that her song was inspired by her ex but it was not a breakup or sad song. She surely used that incident as inspiration because it was very impactful in her life but she has a lot more things positive around her surroundings. Although she said her song will be the remix version and a very joyful song to hear.

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall Kissing

Talking about her next single she said it will surprise many people as it will be soon going to release. She is very excited to see people’s reaction on it and also she hopes that everyone will be going to like it as there are so many songs released this year, people have different taste and may be some of them will adore her and some of them will not. So she is ready for both positive and negative responses from her fans and critics.

Addison entered into world of fame once she joined TikTok in 2019. And today, she’s one in all the most-followed social media stars on the platform with 80.5 million TikTok followers and reckoning. However learning the way to navigate life within the spotlight once simply graduating from high school wasn’t essentially straightforward.

However, she mentioned in the interview, she’s still enjoying every second of her journey and at the end of the day when she simply thinks that she got graduated 2 years back and she is here currently having such a fan following and fame, it makes her terribly excited and happy as she achieved it in mere twenty years age.

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