Adele helps a man in proposing to his girlfriend prior to serenading them during her return concert.

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Adele, the British diva, is poised to release an album about her divorce — but that didn’t stop her from staging a romantic proposal for a couple during a segment of her Sunday homecoming concert. And now, social media is heavily engrossed in the narrative of a man named Quentin and his longtime girlfriend Ashley, who were not identified by their last names.

Standing onstage during a segment of the CBS special “Adele One Night Only,” which also included an interview with Oprah, the singer informed the audience that she needed their assistance with the surprise — but they needed to be “very bloody quiet.”

And indeed, they were.

“If you make a sound, I’m going to murder you,” she joked before requesting that the lights be dimmed.

While Adele faded into the shadows during her first performance in six years, Quentin began guiding his blindfolded lover across the stage of Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory.

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“How are we going to do this, Quentin?” Ashley inquires, while the audience members looked on, some plainly attempting to conceal their laughs.

“Am I standing on grass?” She inquires, perplexed, before taking off her blindfold to discover Quentin on one knee and facing her.

“I want to thank you for being so patient with me,” he adds as she scans the audience for clues before asking, “Is this real?”

“Every day you amaze me,” he says as she wipes away tears and murmurs, “Where are we?”

“There is nothing you cannot accomplish,” he asserts. “I adore you and will always adore you.”

Quentin admits that the proposal took a “long time,” to which Ashley responds, “Oh, my God, I’ve been your girlfriend for so long.”

And with that, she turns to the audience — which includes Lizzo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake, Tyler Perry, and Melissa McCarthy — and inquires, “Who are these people?”

Quentin proposes to Ashley and she accepts – at which point Adele appears to serenade them with her 2008 cover song “Make You Feel My Love.”

The artist greets the two, laughing at the bride-to-surprised be’s reaction and requesting that they occupy front-row seats. McCarthy presents her with a glass of champagne as a token of appreciation.

Many on social media appreciated the star’s assistance with the public proposal.

“Imagine telling your friends’so he proposes to me and when I say yes, the lights come up and Adele appears and says congratulations and to have a seat, so I sit next to Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy as Adele serenades us,’ they’d think you’d lost the plot,” one viewer remarked.

Another tweet said, “This is the only way to execute a public proposal,” while another gushed, “This proposal at Adele’s concert followed by a live rendition of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ was beautiful.”

Oprah, who was filmed dancing and singing along to Adele’s “Hello” during the concert, also tweeted about the couple’s engagement, adding, “may your life together be filled with all the enormous JOY of this moment.”

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