Aeroflot: New Footage Released of Russian Aviation Accident and Incident

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AeroflotOn Wednesday, a new dramatic video released, in which a Russian airplane was landing on a runway. Then the plane was struck by lightning and burst into fire flares during landing in Moscow.

On May 05, 2019, a flight named “Aeroflot Flight 1492” was forced to land on Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow because of bad weather and lighting condition.

Almost 40 passengers and one crew member killed in that aviation accident. And 37 persons survived the terrifying disaster. confirms: Investigators released a video, which is showing flares and smoke spilling from the plane as it plunged down the runway with 78 persons on board.

According to the investigators, this accident happened due to the ignorance of the pilot named “Denis Yevdokimov.“. He ignored the safety measurements.

Svetlana Petrenko (a spokeswoman of Russian Investigative Committee) said:

He’s accused of defying the safety guidelines for air transport traffic. And operations brought about the passing of 41 individuals and the significant harm.


While the pilot said that he is being made a scapegoat. The two-engine jet had made a crisis landing while still substantial with fuel, knocking onto the runway many times, making the fuel spill and flare, immersing the rear of the airplane in fire flames.

Association of Flight Attendants gave a statement: 

Reports from passengers show the departure may have been eased back by travelers carrying their luggage. Recordings show travelers taking their handbags with them as they left the plane. We are sure whether more lives could have been spared if the bags were deserted.

Is it safe to fly with Aeroflot?

Aeroflot, today a protected, modernized aircraft, used to endure a colossal number of accidents. In 1973 alone, it associated with 27 mishaps in which a sum of 780 individuals lost their lives. 

Credit: eturbonews,com

Is Aeroflot a good airline?

Aeroflot is in the center of-the-pack. Aeroflot flight is, in reality, better than the routine AA flight, with some regular enhancements. But it provides worse WiFi service.

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