Afghans are still flocking to the Kabul airport despite threats from the Islamic State

One day after more than 100 people were killed in the explosion, Afghans are still flocking to the airport despite threats from the Islamic State. According to sources from the Afghan Ministry of Health, the death toll had increased to 113 civilians by early Friday.

The day after the terrorist attack killed more than 100 civilians and 13 American soldiers, the crowd returned to the Kabul airport and desperately want to escape the country.

As the U.S. military prepares for more attacks before President Joe Biden’s deadline to withdraw from the country on Tuesday, evacuation flights restarted with new urgency.

His family said in a statement that a naval medic, Maxton Soviak, was one of the Americans who died outside the Hamid Karzai International Kabul Airport in Kabul on Thursday.

They described him as “a good son who loved his family and community”, and they said that words could not “express our heartbroken with this news.”

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The Army also confirmed in a statement that a soldier was killed.

 It stated that no more information will be released “until 24 hours after the notification of the next of kin is completed.”

According to an Afghan Ministry of Health source who asked not to be named, the number of civilians killed had increased to 113 as of early Friday.

At least 180 people were injured.

According to a person familiar with the matter, although the US military is eager to take many Americans and Afghan allies out of the country, the State Department is weighing whether to maintain a diplomatic presence in Kabul.

The Taliban demand that countries around the world maintain relations with Afghanistan and the Biden administration is still deciding how many diplomats Washington should keep in this war-torn country.

In a letter sent to all State Department employees on Friday, Secretary of State Anthony Brinken reminded his colleagues that the U.S. Marine Corps has shown courage every day to protect the safety of Americans abroad.

Video taken afterward showed that the bodies of civilians were in a sewage ditch, and their efforts to escape the rule of a radical organization were destroyed by a more radical terrorist organization.

Mohamed Safer, 27, said that when he was hit in the attack, he was standing outside the Kabul airport, where there was no Taliban.

“It’s my destiny that the bullet didn’t go straight through (through me), I’m still alive,” he told NBC News.

In Washington, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters that the United States believes that there is still a “concrete and credible” threat at the Kabul airport.

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