Afghans working for the U.S. military beginning another life in California

Helen Dunmore
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For the two Afghan siblings who escaped the viciousness and dangers in their own country, it was a self-contradicting get-together in the United States.

Mr. Sayed Abdul Wase Majidi’s work as an interpreter for the US military might make him an objective for his old neighborhood of the Taliban. He was transported from Kabul to Sacramento Airport late last Thursday, and afterward, he was managed by the US government at Fort Lee. The base is in Virginia. He needed to keep his mom, a sibling, and two nephews. Mr. Majidi was one of the 200 Afghans brought out by the United States seven days prior to ensure interpreters and other people who gambled counter by the Taliban since they or their family members helped the U.S. military in a 20-year fight in Afghanistan.

Meeting of Mr. Majidi:

Mr. Majidi met with another sibling, Mr. Sayad Khalil Majidi, who showed up in Sacramento, California two years prior. The more seasoned sibling Sayad Khalil Majidi said that he used to be an expert for Tolo TV, the biggest private telecaster in Afghanistan.

The senior Mr. Majidi gazed eagerly at the steps of the showing-up travelers down the steps. At the point when the more youthful sibling at long last showed up, they embraced carefully.
Mr. Majidi’s two children and Mr. Mohammad Safa were additionally beloved companions.
He additionally functioned as a mediator in the US Army and before long participated in a hotter hello.

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“I’m extremely appreciative, however tragically, my sibling and my two nephews are in Afghanistan. This is extremely stressful,” Mr. Sayad Khalil Majidi said in a phone meeting on Friday.
“This load of individuals realizes that my sibling fills in as a translator in the U.S. Armed forces. Individuals who work for the U.S. Armed force and other British soldiers, themselves, and their families are in danger.”

Unique migrant visas:

The youthful Mr. Majidi additionally communicated worry for the relatives who were abandoned. Certain Afghans have gotten unique migrant visas, which gives them the option to bring their companions and youngsters, however not their folks and kin.

Mr. Sayed Abdul Wase Majidi was left alone. Upwards of 50,000 individuals or more may ultimately be cleared in the “Activity Allies Refuge”, which is a carrier for SIV candidates.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said in a new explanation that around 75,000 different Afghans have resettled in the United States in the previous decade, adding that the nation has an “ethical commitment” to “help Those who have helped us”.

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