After 36 cases reported in the first two days, Manatee School will roll out COVID safety measures

In the first two days of class, the Manatee County School District reported at least three dozen COVID-19 cases among students and employees—more than in the entire first week of school last year.

“I want to make all the agreements we made last year, except for the mandatory wearing of masks,” Sanders wrote, emphasizing that wearing masks is still voluntary.

  • Conduct temperature checks on employees and visitors.
  • Plastic partitions on all elementary school desks.
  • Plastic partitions in any middle school where classrooms are crowded.
  • COVID-19 questionnaire when an employee logs on to a computer to work.
  • COVID-19 questionnaire for class students.

In an interview late Thursday, the school district spokesperson Mike Barber stated that “the logistics of all these measures are still in progress” and the school will communicate the final plan to the family as soon as possible.

“The principal stated in all her back to school messages that we will deal with the situation in Manatee County,” he continued. “She said that if we need to make a change, we will make a change, and this is what we are doing.”

Two days of COVID-19

The school area activities focus, made out of school locale and region wellbeing division representatives, resumed on Tuesday to follow COVID-19 cases.

The office reported nine cases after the first day of school, although Barber confirmed that two were not on campus on Tuesday. He said that of the nine cases in the report, seven were employees working in schools and district offices on Tuesday, while the other two cases were students who attended the open day before the first day of school.

“Those students were not on our campus yesterday,” Barber said in an email on Wednesday. “But since they were on our campus during the activity that started this school year, they were included.”

Excluding the two student cases from the open day, the school district reported a total of 36 cases from Tuesday to Wednesday.

 Last year, the school district reported a total of 17 cases throughout the first week of school.

At that time, the school district uploaded daily cases to its website, creating a page specifically for the public COVID-19 dashboard. This week, because there is no dashboard, the school district will send a report to the local news media every night.

The principal said at a recent school board meeting that the public dashboard will be relaunched next week. She said that the technical department of the school district focused on other projects before the start of school.

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Sanders told the school board members:

 “According to our new Alyssa’s Law and Bike Registration, our first priority is not to install the dashboard.” “Our IT department has been focusing on all these things. To keep the school running. But they have received an alert to ensure that the dashboard will be activated on Monday like we did last year.”

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