After a severe collision in Vaughan, 1 person was killed and 2 people were injured

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Emergency responders were called to Flynn Street and Longstaff Road, causing many injuries

York Regional Police said that two vehicles collided in Vaughan on Sunday afternoon, resulting in one death and two injuries.

Shortly after 12 o’clock in the afternoon:

An emergency call was made to Dufferin Street and Longstaff Road. A collision that caused multiple injuries.

Lisa Cramarossa, a spokesperson for the York Region Police Department, said three people were injured when they arrived.

Cramarossa said:

“Unfortunately, a patient was pronounced at the scene.” “The second patient was transported to the trauma center, and the third patient was transported to the local hospital.”

The big collision team is under investigation.

Dafferin Street, Longstaff Road and Vaughan Road are expected to be closed for several hours. It is recommended that drivers find alternative routes.

According to city news:

After a serious car accident in Vaughan, one woman died and three were injured. The police said before 1:30pm that an off-road vehicle and a Maserati were involved in a car accident near the entrance to the plaza next to Highway 400 on Rotherford Road.The police said that the 80-year-old woman in an SUV died of injuries in the hospital, while the 84-year-old man was said to be slightly injured.

The driver of the other car was a man in his 20s. Although he was seriously injured, his life was not in danger.

Police said the occupants of the third vehicle involved in the first crash were not seriously injured.

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A man arrested after being triple stabbed in Brampton

The Peel area police said they were called to a residence in the area of ​​Stills Avenue and Tate Boulevard after 2:30 pm. When they arrived, three victims were found stabbed. The police said the injuries were considered minor injuries and no life threatening.

The paramedics said that one person was taken to the hospital for treatment. A suspect has been detained, and there is currently no sign that the police are looking for other suspects. The police also did not point out the relationship between the suspect and the victim.

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