After Coronavirus China now detect first human case of H10N3 bird flu!

After a deadly virus coronavirus confirms from china in the starting of the year 2020 which took millions of lives, china has now detected their first case of H10N3 bird flu in a human being which they says that is not harmful for humans and it had less chances to spread amongst people.

A 41 year old man was diagnosed with such disease called H10N3 and immediately admitted to the nearest hospital. He had some symptoms that are not likely to cause harm. The symptom includes fever and little sore throat. Similarly in eastern city of Zhenjiang on the 28th of April a case was recorded of bird flu as declared by China’s National Health Commission.

“The risk of large-scale spread is extremely low, adding that the man was in a stable condition and his close contacts had reported no abnormalities.” the NHC said.

First case of Bird flu detect in china
First case of Bird flu detect in china

According to the reports from China’s National Health Commission, there were already some cases of H10N3 previously recorded in any cities all around the world. More over H10N3 is been considering as low pathogenic that means it is not harmful for human’s health and cannot kill the man due to H10N3 illness.

In early 2020 there are some natural event in China, where the Chinese doctors have confirmed a brand new deadly virus known as Coronavirus in the Wuhan food market where millions of people were spending time.

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According to WHO, this natural disease quickly unfold all around the world. It spreads an equivalent means of different coronaviruses through if person-to-person contact. Infections vary to be deadly and risky for human health. The virus will result in respiratory illness, metastasis failure, heart issues, liver issues, septic shock, and death. Several COVID-19 complications could also be caused by a condition referred to as protein unleash syndrome or a protein storm. This is often once an infection triggers your system to flood your blood with inflammatory proteins referred to as cytokines. They will kill tissue and harm your organs which cause death at the moment.

China has now detected their first case of H10N3 bird flu.
China has now detected their first case of H10N3 bird flu.

There are no such reports that can tell how long the pandemic will be continued. There are several factors, together with the public’s efforts to slow the virus. According to a research work to be told a lot of regarding the virus, regarding a treatment, and then regarding the success of the vaccines.

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After coronavirus now we have H10N3 in the market! Several strains of bird and respiratory illness are found among animals in China however mass outbreaks in humans are very rare. The last human epidemic of bird respiratory illness in China occurred in late 2016 to 2017, with the H7N9 virus. The H7N9 has infected around 2000 people in the past history and claimed 616 lives taken since 2013, in keeping with the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization. We just hope this infection soon comes to an end because the world is already been fighting with the virus and we have no patience to handle one more disease.

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