After months of low infection rates, South Korea faces new threats from COVID-19

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After controlling the coronavirus for about five months, South Korea found itself on the brink of another major epidemic. COVID-19 cases jumped to the highest level since March and the capital region reinforced social distancing guidelines.

As of Monday:

There have been three-digit new cases in the country for four consecutive days, with a total of 745 cases. In contrast, there was a peak of about 900 cases every day in late February. As of Monday, South Korea has reported a total of 15,515 cases and 305 deaths.

South Korea won international praise:

Within a few months, the coronavirus recovery will mark a dramatic reversal. During this period, South Korea won international praise for passing active testing and contact tracing without adopting lockdown measures to stop the disease.

The head of KCDC Jeong warned that virus clusters related to religious activities had spread across the country “at an alarming rate.”

Authorities believe that the crowd in Sarang Jeil Church began with a follower who attended a service on August 9 and had a positive test on August 12.

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Planning of central government of Korea:

The central government plans to file a complaint against the church leader Jun Kwang-hoon, accusing him of hindering the fight against the spread of the corona virus.

Although the government banned large gatherings during the pandemic, the church denied claims that Jun violated quarantine. Which led to large-scale anti-government protests in downtown Seoul on Saturday.

Now level 2 raised:

Last weekend, the Capital Region raised the alarm to level 2 in the three-tier system. In the next two weeks, sports will return to spectator-free games; it is recommended that indoor gatherings with more than 50 people or outdoor gatherings with more than 100 people be canceled or postponed.

The authorities worry that the virus has been spreading for some time without being detected, but only now. The head of KCDC, Zheng Jie, warned Monday on Monday that South Korea “may be in danger of the collapse of the health system” without rapid government intervention.

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