After years of misjudgment by the United States, the Taliban in Afghanistan cleaned up

An Afghan armed force that didn’t have faith in itself and an American exertion that Mr. Biden and most Americans at this point not accepted carried a disgraceful completion of America’s longest conflict.

The will is gone

In the eyes of critics of the decision, the president underestimated the importance of even a small presence, and the implementation of the withdrawal made the problem worse.

Taliban in Afghanistan cleaned up

“We set them up for disappointment,” said David H. Petraeus:

A resigned general who instructed worldwide powers in Afghanistan from 2010 until he was designated head of the Central Intelligence Agency the next year.

He contended that Mr. Biden’s group “neglected to perceive the dangers of fast withdrawal of insight and surveillance robots and close air support” and the withdrawal of thousands of project workers flying the Afghan Air Force the entirety of this All in an especially savage battling season.

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The psychological impact is devastating:

The Afghan army on the ground “fought for a few days and then found that there were no reinforcements on the way.” “The psychological impact is devastating.”

But in response to such criticism, government officials retorted that the Afghan army is surpassing the Taliban, increasing its number from 300,000 to 75,000.

The Pentagon press secretary, John F. Kirby, said on Friday that “they have an air force, a capable air force,” while the Taliban do not. “They have modern equipment. They have benefited from the training we have been providing them for 20 years. Now is the time to use these benefits.

When Mr. Kirby wrote about these benefits, they didn’t seem to be any different. Feeling abandoned by the United States and commanded by rudderless leaders means that the Afghan army on the ground “looks at what is in front of them and what is behind them, and decides that it’s easier to go on their own.” said the retired general. Joseph L. Votel is the previous administrator of the US Central Command and was answerable for directing the conflict in Afghanistan from 2016 to 2019.

A government official said that:

Mr. Biden was disappointed that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani failed to effectively plan and execute what should be the last strategy: the key to integrating forces to protect the city. On Wednesday, Mr. Ghani fired his army general, Lieutenant General Wali Mohamed Ahmedzai, who had only been in office for two months, and replaced him with the commander of special operations, Major General Haibatullah Alizai. . General Alizai’s commando team is the only unit that has been fighting the Taliban in recent weeks.

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