Alexei Navalny, the Voice of the Russian Opposition was admitted to a medical clinic for conceivable harming

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, the most candid authority figure Alexei Navalny fought for his life in the emergency room. His representative said that she accepted the injuries Vanni suffered while flying from Siberia to Moscow. Representative Kira Yarmysh, who was with the person in charge of restriction, said on Twitter that Navalny had forgotten and was on a ventilator.

Jeremis said that Navani drank some tea at the Tomsk terminal, and he began to feel exhausted shortly after his business flight took off. His condition continued to worsen, angering the pilots and bringing the crisis to Omsk, about 550 miles away.

NPR’s Lucian Kim revealed:

NPR’s Lucian Kim revealed that an expert who told the emergency room columnist said: “Navalny is in an extreme but stable state in the emergency room.”

“He said that injury is just an opportunity.”

Dissident Jaka Bizilj revealed to NPR that a plane equipped with clinical equipment and experts will be sent to Navani and taken to Berlin for treatment at Charité Hospital.

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According to Yamish:

The main thing Navalny drank before his illness was tea. He said that she had been in Navalny since early morning. Navani’s own primary care doctor, Anastasy Vasilyeva, traveled to Omsk on Thursday with Yulia, another important legislator.

Who is Navalny?

Navani is 44 years old and has amazing power in Russia’s restrictions, leading inspections, finding filth, and assembling Putin’s system. He tried to support Putin in the 2018 presidential political decision but was prohibited from doing so.

This is 2nd time in his life:

This is the second time Navani has been injured. He was hospitalized in July 2019 after a few days in jail for his involvement in road fighting.

Tatiana Stanovaya, a Russian political investigator, said: “Navani may be harmed by many vindictors.”

“In almost any year in the past, he has been in the army”.

Moreover, the time is so fast that the cost of doing so is actually unnecessary.”

If Navani passes away, it will be an earthquake in Russian legislation.

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