Alice Cooper’s talented guitarist Nita Strauss stunned us while announcing a new Marvel

Alice Cooper Announcement

Alice Cooper’s talented guitarist Nita Strauss announced her long-awaited project and reminded her fans that this year’s first “Sunday Night Football” “Now started.

You may remember that Nita Strauss gave a piece of very exciting news. She will participate in all home games of the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL this season. Nita announced the project a few weeks ago and she is very proud of her hometown team breaking into the new stadium.

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Nita also explained that due to the risk of coronavirus this year, she would play with DJ Mal-Ski, but there are no fans on the field. She said that she hopes to make it grand and dynamic for players and people watching the game at home.

Recently, Strauss used Instagram to let everyone know that today is the race day at the Ram’s House. Entering the beginning of the season, Nita said frankly that she couldn’t be more excited to bring vitality to the team in the stadium.

This is what Nita Strauss said in the latest Instagram announcement:

“This is game day at Rams House!

The first Sunday night football game of this crazy year will kick off at 5:25 pm on the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) in the evening of BST. I am very happy to start the season here at the stadium. The team brings energy! ⁣

Rams, cowboys. Who are you?

Nita Strauss is an American rock musician. She is currently the touring guitarist of Alice Cooper and has been successful as a solo artist. Strauss was the first female signature artist to use an Ibanez guitar and regularly appeared on the covers of global print magazines such as “Guitar World” and “Guitar Player”.

Her first solo album “Controlled Chaos” in 2018 ranked first on the Billboards Top New Artists list. And her guitar clinic is sought after by fans and experienced performers.

Now, the Los Angeles-based guitarist has raised his love of teaching to a new level by launching “Rock Guitar Fundamentals”.

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