All you need to know about AirPods Max

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AirPods Max Introduction:

Hey you! Are you tangled in your wire hands-free? If it is so, there we go with a big surprise. AirPods Max, announced by Cupertino, California an innovative wireless headphone that just does not brings the magic of AirPods with high fidelity sound but as well an over-ear design that is super easy and cool in both, usage and look. Knowingly, AirPods are the most popular headphones in the world and are adored for their effortless usage. Greg Joystick quoted that we are bringing a wonderful experience to the users.  

All you need to know about AirPods Max
Air Pods Max in Pink

Custom acoustic design: 

Keeping the comfort of the customer as a priority, the AirPods Max is rationally designed to provide exceptional acoustic performance for each use from canopy to the ear cushions. The physical effort is too reduced by the reparable knit mesh canopy, spanning the headband which will smoothly distribute the weight and reduce head pressure. A revolutionary formation is shown by attaching each ear cup to the headband to balance and divide ear cup pressure. The unique side of this mechanism allows it to independently pivot and adjust according to the user’s head. To create an effective seal. each of the ear cushion utilizes acoustically engineered memory foam which is undoubtedly a critical factor in transferring an immense sound. Additionally, it facilitates the user to play and pause audio, skip track, receive or decline the phone calls, and activation of Siri. 


Hey AirPods users to be, what about knowing some exciting features of your gadget? Sounds cool, right? Here we go; 

  • Adaptive EQ is used to allow the sound to fit and seal of the ear cushions with the efficiency of measuring the delivered sound signal to the user for the sake of adjusting the low and mid frequencies in absolutely real-time. This leads to bring rich audio that captures every detail out there.  
  • Active Noise Cancellation stops the distractions indulging from environmental noise detected by three outward-facing microphones so that the user can focus on what he is listening without any disturbance.  
  • Transparency Mode is the opposite of active noise cancelation which allows the environmental noise to pass through the body. It activates with just a single effortless click. 
  • Spatial Audio is the most attention-seeking feature which is used by dynamic head tracking to place sound virtually anywhere in a space. Isn’t cool? Delivering an immersive, theater-like experience for content recorded in 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos. This magic happens by fitting the gyroscope and accelerometer (tracks the motion of a user’s head as well as the device) in AirPods Max and iPhone or iPad which compares the motion data, then retracts the sound field so it stays anchored to the device, even as the user’s head is moving. 
AirPods Max
AirPods Max

The charisma of AirPods 

It is enhanced by joining the existing AirPods family in providing unparalleled wireless audio, whether a customer is effortlessly enjoying the music, playing games watching television as well as interacting with Siri. It further grabs the attention of customers with its fantastic setup of AirPods and AirPods Pro extends to AirPods Max with the one-tap setup which is simply activated by automatic pairing with all the signed devices into a user’s iCloud account and other apple devices. Not ended yet, another mouth-watering feature is still to be mentioned that claims, AirPods Max it is self’ detect when they are on users head being supported by optical and position sensors. It could be played or paused when in place or removed by mildly lifting one of the ears upward. AirPods Max makes phone calls and Siri command clear as outer noise is blocked due to beam-forming microphones and results in a smooth and fully focused voice from the other end. 

Battery and Performance  

Here comes the point you all were being curious about. Well, in that case, AirPods Max’s amazing battery life with up to 20 hours of high-fidelity audio would lead to bring your chins down. Hey wait, it’s not completed without mentioning the same take time or video playback with Active Noise Cancellations and spatial audio enable just through an easy click. And what if I tell you about a soft, slim, and smart adorable case that comes along AirPods Max which not only protects the device but of course preserves the battery charge when not active. 

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Perks of Being an AirPods user 

  • Automatic switching which gives benefit to Apple electronics users to connect the device with whatever device of Apple you have. 
  • Audio sharing participates in the easy quick sharing with the audio stream in between two sets of AirPods.  
  • Siri gives independence to play desired music, make or decline a phone call, managing volume accordingly, getting navigated and it is also able to read the incoming messages as they notify the user with an announcement. 
AirPods Max Interior
AirPods Max Interior

Cost and Availability 

  • AirPods are in stores by today for $549 (US) also available at as well as Apple store app in the (US) including a huge availability in more than 25 other countries and regions.  
  • AirPods start at $159 (US) and AirPods Pro are there for $249 (US) 
  • Currently available in large number as it is just introduced in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab yours without wasting the time.  

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