Alleged TikTok of Anthony Ramos stirs Jasmine Jones cheating rumours.

After a purported TikTok of the actor sparked infidelity rumours, Jasmine Cephas Jones and Anthony Ramos are trending on Twitter. The TikTok video went viral on Monday (November 29) and received over 1 million views.

The video’s author said that a renowned actor and an anonymous woman arrived at the strip club where she works. She implies that it was supposedly Anthony without identifying him.

The purported TikTok of Anthony Ramos was investigated.

‘Dear Jane,’ a TikTok maker, alleges in her viral video that she was working at a LA strip club a few days ago when a Latino actor and a female entered. She claimed they were “tipping the dancers” and “all over each other.” She also claimed that she recognised him and looked him up on the internet, only discovering that he was engaged to his longtime girlfriend. While the TikToker did not name or reveal Anthony, she did display a prior People Magazine piece on the actor in which he discusses his fiancee Jasmine.

In the video, the TikTok user also alleges that the female that accompanied the star wasn’t his girlfriend. “That’s not his fiance, that’s a white girl,” she writes. The creator included a brief video from the night at the strip club after TikTok. A man and a woman sitting near to one other while watching the event in the viral video. Because the man is wearing a hat, his face is obscured. Because there is no definitive confirmation that the actor described in the video is Anthony, there is no way to know. Even though a clip is included at the conclusion, the actor’s face is not seen. Nonetheless, some on social media jumped to conclusions and began blaming Anthony.

What is the state of the star’s relationship with Jasmine Jones?

In June 2021, the pair made their most recent red carpet outing together. Anthony, 30, attended the premiere of his loving fiancee Jasmine, 32,’s series Blindspotting to express his support. Around the same time, Jasmine turned to Instagram to show her support for her man’s film In The Heights. Anthony also took to Instagram on July 22 to wish his fiancee a happy birthday. Since July, the two haven’t made many appearances on each other’s social media accounts, prompting many to believe they’ve split up.The actors, on the other hand, have not verified or refuted any rumours.

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