Amazon Luna, new Echo speakers, Fire TV, hanging ring cameras released

Amazon Luna, new Echo speakers, Fire TV, hanging ring cameras, etc.: all the new products just released

Look for many new hardware from Amazon Luna many smart home brands, including a circular flying robot camera and a new cloud gaming service.

At today’s event, Amazon surprised us with the expected updates of its Luna cloud gaming service and its Echo, Fire TV and Ring product lines.

As we enter the holiday shopping season, the event will help Amazon cause buzz. This is the first time it appears during prime time (annual sales are usually held in July. But this year is scheduled to start on October 13th.)  It means everywhere. It is Alexa that solves the privacy problem, which is the big story of 2019 for both Ring and Alexa.

In the home-like life, thousands of people desire long-term survival. And the concept of connected houses developed by Amazon over the years has become more important than ever.

The company’s Echo and Fire TV products will be the first products to receive the Sustainability Medal. And are working hard to reduce energy consumption through a new low-power mode, an energy dashboard integrated with Alexa, and its commitment to build solar and wind farms. The power consumption of a device matches the consumption of all its devices.

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Amazon Luna

New cloud gaming service starting from $6 per month. The company launched a cloud gaming service on top of Amazon Web Services, which can run on PC, Fire TV and even iOS. There is a Luna Plus game channel with a selection of games. And Amazon is working with Ubisoft to provide some of these games from day one.

It has a custom $50 controller, which connects directly to the cloud instead of local devices.

After redesigning, adopting a new spherical shape and adapting to the acoustic requirements of the room. The fourth-generation Echo incorporates the previous functions of the Echo Plus. It is also a bridge to sidewalks and contains neural network technology to accelerate Alexa.

Now, it has Zigbee and Sidewalk hubs, and it’s quieter when rotating in your direction. In order to protect privacy, there is a built-in camera shutter, and all Echo and Alexa will have commands to view privacy settings and “delete everything I’ve said.” It will also support Hulu, Netflix and Prime Video.

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