Amber Heard admits to hit Johnny Depp| leaked audio

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Amber Heard had the disadvantage of being recorded while confessing to hitting Johnny Depp after both were accused of domestic violence. It was Amber who started with the lawsuit against the hero of the movies “Pirates of the Caribbean.”. But before this, the actor responded in the same way, so they both had the same allegations.

Amber Heard

People widely believed that Heard had been the victim of a compulsive drinker. However, the face of the coin had taken an unforeseen turn for Amber and probably fit for Johnny.

Although domestic violence years ago was something characteristic of women, the truth is that today does not respect gender. In the case of Johnny Depp, people also believed that he was the one who lashed out at his ex-wife Amber Heard. However, it seems that it was something reciprocal.

The embarrassing episodes of this marriage are something that everyone knows so far, even so, strong has been their conflicts that came to court. To prove who was right because they both made accusations against each other.

Many will think that the admirers of the actor supported his version just because he has more experience than Amber. And he is more famous than her. However, his fans could be right to help him.

Leaked Audio of Amber Heard

DailyMail obtained some audios where Amber Heard admits to having hit Depp. The most anxious thing about this is that she accepts that she was unable to control herself. She every time they argued, she responded with violence.

Amber Heard

According to the newspaper, it is the part of audio in which Amber admitted that she could not promise that she would not get back to physical again. She got so angry that she lost her mind. She was sorry she had not hit him in the whole face with a slap, but she had been punching him. Baby, he was not hit.

She did not know what the movement of her real hand had, but he was fine. She had not hurt him, and she had not punched him. Amber had been hitting Johnny. 

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