Americans faces floods without warnings

Flooding is the short-term flow of water onto usually dry land. Floods are the most familiar natural catastrophe in the United States. Evacuating or entering flooded areas may result in injury or death.

The flood may occur:

The result of rain, snow brings coastal storms, and become the reason for overflows of dams and other water supply systems.

Most of the time, there is no warning of flood.

It may cause disruptions, obstruct with transportation, devastate buildings, and landslides.

If you are under a flood warning,

Please go for a secure shelter immediately.

Avoid walk, swim, or drive in the flood.

You can knock down by only six inches of flowing water.

Stay away from bridges or fast-flowing water.

According to flood type, move to higher ground or floors.

How to stay safe in the event of a flood threat

america faces floods
america faces floods

Prepare now

Please try to understand the type of flood risk in your area.

Register your community’s warning system. The emergency alert system (EAS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather broadcast emergency alerts.

If your location is in danger, please monitor for prospective symbols.

Learn the evacuation routes and housing plans.

If you leave immediately please make an emergency supplies kit to save your self from any critical situation.

Purchase or renew flood insurance policies. Keep your important documents in a waterproof container.

Consider a sewage pump with batteries. Must check your drainage system.

During survival:

Go to a safe location. Do not drive around roadblocks.

Listen to the local warning system for current emergency information and instructions.

If your car is stuck in water, please stay inside. water accumulates inside the car, get on the roof.

Are you trapped in a building, try to reach the highest level to save your life. Get on the top only and try to seek help.

Be safe:

Follow the instructions from the authorities. Only go home when the authorities say it is safe.

If you are facing any emergency then drive.

Snakes and other animals may harm you so during cleaning must wear thick gloves and boots.

Be aware of the risk of electric shock. If the device is wet or standing in water, do not touch it. If it is safe, please turn off the power to prevent electric shock.

Only use generators or other gasoline-powered machinery outdoors and away from windows.

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