‘America’s Got Talent’ shuts down production after Jonathan Goodwin’s stunt fails

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'America's Got Talent' shuts down production after Jonathan Goodwin's stunt fails
‘America’s Got Talent’ shuts down production after Jonathan Goodwin’s stunt fails

Stuntman Jonathan Goodwin has been hospitalized after suffering injuries in a daredevil stunt on “America’s Got Talent: Extreme.”.

An “America’s Got Talent” spokesperson confirmed to USA TODAY Friday that an accident occurred during Thursday’s rehearsal for the “America’s Got Talent” spinoff. As a result of the accident, Goodwin was immediately hospitalized.

Jonathan Goodwin and his family remain in our thoughts and prayers following his accident on Thursday. We will temporarily stop production on America’s Got Talent: Extreme in order to focus on the well-being of our crew. Filming on the last few days of the season will resume later. “We remain committed to the safety and health of our cast and crew.”

  In his Instagram bio, Goodwin refers to himself as the world’s “greatest theatrical stunt performer” because he is known for his dangerous stunts. Simon Cowell, WWE superstar Nikki Bella, and rally car driver Travis Pastrana are hosting “America’s Got Talent: Extreme.” The show’s host is Terry Crews.

During an accident on-set, Jonathan Goodwin suffered multiple broken bones: Report

Performer Jonathan Goodwin faces multiple injuries after suffering an accident while filming America’s Got Talent: Extreme in Atlanta last Thursday.

According to TMZ, which obtained the police report, reports the 40-year-old escape artist suffered multiple fractures in both his legs as well as cuts and burns “all over” his face after failing to free himself from a straitjacket in the air.

Upon observing Goodwin after the incident, authorities said he was conscious and alert, adding that he appeared to be in good health following the accident.

PEOPLE’s request for comment was not immediately responded to by a spokesperson for the Henry County Sheriff’s Department in Georgia.

Who is Jonathan goodwin?

Age: 41 Years ( born on February 20, 1980 )

Birth Place: Pembrokeshire, South West Wales

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Wife: Katy Goodwin

Net Worth: $1 Million – $5 Million

Instagram: Jonathan Goodwin Instagram

Facebook: Jonathan Goodwin Facebook

Twitter: Jonathan Goodwin Twitter

Wikipedia: Jonathan Goodwin Wikipedia

Jonathan started in comedy clubs before going on to various TV shows. It seems that whatever role he was cast in, he was always able to top himself with a performance.

He impressed executives with his on-screen Talent and was soon discovered. But in his early life, he had other interests, including working in warehouses as a kid and building with his father as a young boy.

This shows Jonathan got a natural gift for acting – no doubt that’s why so many people enjoy his humor. He’s also very talented as an improviser.

That is, he can come up with wonderful characters and scenarios just by thinking about things. This is another thing that many attributes to his ability to rise above the others on America’s Got Talent.

America’s Got Talent was supposed to be just another boring reality TV show. However, it soon became something that people enjoyed.

Viewers began tuning into the show, and it became popular so quickly because it featured great comedians. Many were impressed with the variety of Talent that came through, and many gave it a chance.

The show became a huge success and was a viral program. Many people grew to love the show, and even those who didn’t fell in love with it extended to respect its Talent. It seems that those who didn’t like the show didn’t know what they missed.

They soon found their enjoyment dissipating and becoming a fan of the show again.
Jonathan has gained quite a bit of attention because of his America’s Got Talent.

Some of his early life stories have been featured on television and in publications. He’s won several awards for this Talent and continues to tour to this day. Many people compare him to Mike Myers, and they have both gained notoriety and recognition from their time on the show.

Whether people like him or hate his shows, one thing is clear. People enjoy his Talent and are not afraid to tell others about it. The many accolades given to Jonathan show that people continue to enjoy watching his shows. Hopefully, he can continue to take his acts and art to new places.

If he does, more people will continue to be inspired by them. Who knows, maybe he can inspire other young people to do the same thing he has done.

Jonathan started to gain attention when he was only a teenager. Many of his contemporaries weren’t as lucky as Jonathan when it came to attracting the notice of people interested in their talents.

It may be because his early life was filled with difficult situations and poverty, which may have contributed to his eventual success.

It also may have helped pave the way for him to get discovered by America’s Got Talent.
Whatever the case may be, there is no denying that Jonathan is a fantastic talent and deserves all the attention he is receiving.

He is a remarkable young man making a name for himself on stage and in front of the camera. America’s Got Talent could not have come at a better time for him. Undoubtedly, it has helped him build a name for himself and give people a glimpse into what could happen if they follow their dreams. This is a great thing.

The show itself has been a rating success for America’s Got Talent. Viewers have appreciated the comedy and humor that goes into the show.

They love seeing their favorite celebrities performing, but they are impressed by how Jonathan Goodwin takes his role on the show seriously.

He brings out the best in people and is a very deserving star-making history by becoming one of the first British comedians to tour in America.

did you watch America got talent? don’t be disappointed that NBC will broadcast the premiere of the 15th season of “AGT” from the end of May on July 7?


The COVID-19 pandemic made the production schedule confusing, and the show had to adjust its schedule.

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To give them time to sort out the logistics of live performances, the network arranged a two-hour season 15 premiere. Scroll down to follow our live blog of episode 1 of Season 15.

America got talent looks different this summer:

This summer, the “American Talent Show” looks very different. After a year’s leave, Heidi Klum returned to the group, and Sofia Vergara, a stealer of the “modern family” scene, also served as a judge.

Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel, who had long served as judges of “AGT”, secreted them.

After the Coronavirus pandemic put everything on hold for the NBC reality show, the American Got Talent has resumed filming.

America got talent
America got talent


The first six auditions were filmed before the eruption, so the challenge for the creative team was to find a way to incorporate security measures into the layoffs of judges and payment in batches on the spot.

Moreover, with a major change, it seems that they have achieved success from an indoor stage to a large outdoor movie stage.


The judges of Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and modern family star Sofia Vergara can be like cars driving the movie theater rides on different vehicles and sits side by side at socially distant places.

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In addition to this, the network also decided to reduce the number of episodes of “Judge’s Clip” from four to one episode, and the number of performers from 72 to 60.

Recently, Kewell revealed to the “Deadline” that the comeback of the performance was full of “real excitement”.

He said: “I saw a sigh of relief after the crew returned to work, and then we turned around to make a good set. To be honest, this is one of my most memorable experiences in a long time.”

Executive producers Sam Donnelly and Jason Raff added:

“It contains the Southern California lifestyle and scenery we all know and love, and in some respects does not currently exist”.

“Wait until we see the vehicles arriving by the judges. We just need to have fun with this.”

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