Amy Kupps, a teacher turned her ID celebrity who is pregnant with an ex-child and student, plans to live stream the birth.

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Amy Kupps

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA: A former teacher-turned-OnlyFans-model, who previously made news for calling herself a “proud mistress,” has confessed that she was unaware that the person she met in a nightclub and had sensual relations with was one of her former students.

Amy Kupps, who formerly worked at a school in North Carolina, announced she was pregnant after a long-term relationship with the now-22-year-old college student. The model announced on Instagram her intention to record the birth.

Amy stated that she only recognized the youngster when he addressed her as “Miss Kupps.” In the meantime, Amy, due in three months, is preparing to raise the child alone.

Previously, she was married, but her spouse supposedly exposed her. Amy stated, while chatting with, “I’m participating so that I may share my experience with my admirers. I will ask the midwife for assistance with filming.”

Amy also noted, “The baby’s gender will be a surprise, as I do not wish to find out before birth. I believe and hope it’s a girl. The baby should arrive by the end of October or the beginning of November.”

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Amy shared additional information on Instagram, saying, “This may appear to be a controversial post, and rightly so! As a former educator, I miss some aspects of the work, such as imparting knowledge…in addition to my old curriculum, I’ve also studied health and science. Therefore I’m stating on my website that I’ll be documenting the delivery for educational purposes.”

She continued, “Some may view it as fetishistic, but I view it as instructional; the last time I saw a birthing film was in the 1970s when I was in junior high school. I’m certain that this film is still shown in classrooms.”

Why didn’t Amy opt for an abortion?

Amy stated, “As a devoted Catholic, abortion is not an option for me, but I respect the right of other women to make their own decisions regarding their bodies. I’ve assured him that he has nothing to worry about because I’m financially secure and I’m not interested in a relationship with him “during an interview with a local news station.

Amy Kupps

The 33-year-old continued, “His family had no idea; they’d be devastated. If he feels ready in the future, he is welcome to meet his child, and he should enjoy his 20s, as I did.

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