Amy Schumer converses with Kenan Thompson on Saturday Night Live as she is accused of being a Twitter bot.

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Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer, the host of “Saturday Night Live,” isn’t afraid to scream about Elon Musk’s multimillion-dollar acquisition of Twitter.

The actress-comedian portrayed a sensual digital socialite arguing her case before a content moderation panel charged with assessing the banned user accounts on the social media network.

Schumer, portrayed by Kenan Thompson, attempted to curry favor with one of the council’s co-chairmen.

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“They claimed that I was a bot, which is absurd. “I’m a complete woman, and I adore humorous men like you,” Schumer remarked.

Amy Schumer

The persona of Schumer was not the only former Twitter user with complaints to air. Bowen Yang, a frustrated gamer who “served honorably in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,” addressed the council after being banned for doxing.

“One of my squad mates murdered me, then laughed about it and referred to me as a boomer, so I did what any hero would do. Yang stated, “I uploaded his genuine name, home address, and middle school schedule on Twitter and told it to do its thing.”

Former President Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson), who was permanently banned from Twitter after the Capitol brawl on January 6, could not resist joining in on the fun.

Amy Schumer

“We have all moved to Truth Social, and we adore it. Trump stated of his social media site, “It’s amazing, but in many respects it’s also bad.” “There are a few bugs that cause the phone screen to fracture and the Venmo account to be automatically drained.”

“Allow me to return to Twitter,” Trump continued. “I won’t do anything bad with the possible exception of coup.”

Thompson and his co-chair, portrayed by Chloe Fineman, received news that they had been laid off from the corporation, putting an end to any further justice for banned Twitter users.

“Hooray, we’re finally free!” exclaimed Fineman.

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