An alert of civil war against Islam from France President Macron in the form of a new Law

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An alert of civil war against Islam from France President Macron in the form of a new Law

France will going to introduce a new law that you can identify as a war against Islamic civilization. After the approval of this bill, this law will be introduced in Europe, North America, and almost all countries.

They will impose a war against Islamic civilization, but what is that bill that is going too introduced in France? France Interior minister openly announced that; our conflict is aligned with Muslims; through this bill, we’ll hit the whole Muslim community.

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 As we can see in many Muslim and non-Muslim countries, when Muslim women are pregnant they prefer only women doctors to check them and treat them till they deliver their babies. Meanwhile, during this whole situation, West countries don’t have such issues related to this thing, Muslims have their values and some sort of introverted when it comes to their ladies. 

Islam isn’t allowed any person to touch a woman without her permission or specific relationship. After introducing this bill no woman will discourage any male doctor, if she did, she’ll be jailed for 5 years and have to pay 75000 Euro fine. Meanwhile, in France, a French teacher showed a cartoon of the Holy Prophet, and one student killed and beheaded him in front of his school, after this bill if the teacher will teach you anything you can’t refuse him even if it’s right or wrong. Students’ parents can’t stop or deny him/her.

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If you are a Muslim student in France then you would have to listen to your teacher even if he/she will show you a cartoon of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Or, if you are giving an examination and that cartoon or topic will come in it then you have to write the answer or draw that (it is insane). If anybody refused then they will be charged with 75000 Euro or 5 years jailed. 

Affects of this Law on Islamic society and Mosques

France will be going to control Mosques and its sermons, they learned this from Saudi Arabia as the Khateeb(A person who deliver Sermons in Mosque) of Kabba (according to Muslims, house of Allah) isn’t allowed to give Sermon without the permission of Royal Family during Hajj.

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They deliver sermons that are allowed to them, not a single word without their permission he can deliver. Not even they can talk about Palestine, Kashmir, and Israel issues. Similarly, France will keep a strict eye on Mosques funding and its matters including sermons and religious activities. France adopted such things from Saudia and will implement it in its society.

Europe and Islam 

Islam is growing day by day in Europe. Islamic culture is pure and full of love such as children respect their elders and grandparents but on the other hand in Europe has not pure values. In Europe children don’t care about family relatives and relationships, boyfriend and girlfriend culture is more prominently shown here.

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As a result, they got depressed in the end, and then live the rest of their lives in old houses. When they see Islamic values ​​most of them accept Islam. Europe has some strict rules and regulations when a person who lived in such strict environment see Islamic values, rules and regulation he/she’ll become a fan of Islam and in many cases, he/she accept Islam as his religion.

Non-Muslim country’s Muslims are more religious as compared to another Muslim country Muslims. French want to change Islamic values that are why such laws are going too introduced in West countries. As we can see the United Arab Emirates is completely taking the side of France and they have non-Muslim opinions.

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UAE fully supporting Macron and his dirty mind and this is just because of some dollars. They want investment and this behavior will never give them any profit.

Is Macron wants to reform Islam?

Nobody can reform Islam except God, some sources saying that Macron wanted to fix the social ills of French culture but he’ll now want to reform Islam. But in reality, Islam is a religion of peace and Love; Macron hurt Muslims badly through his words and his opinion about the French teacher issue. French teacher Samuel Patty was dead on that day but a new Samuel patty in the form of Macron come over and started insulting Muslims now. French products are got ban in many Muslim countries, they want his apology. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, Pakistan President Imran Khan, presidents of Bangladesh, Qatar, Lebanon, and many prominent personalities prominent role in such issues are highlighted these days. They are representing Islamic values and Muslims opinion.

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French Teacher Case, a well-planned murder to discourage the reputation of Islam? French President Macron had some serious issues in the past with Islam; according to critics, it’s a well-planned murder, arranged by Macron to discourage the reputation of Islam in front of the whole west community. Everybody is confused now that suddenly an incident of French teacher beheaded happened and after then that another incident happen a person killed Christians in church.

Every incident has a background and this incident also has a secret, it can be a game played by President of France Macron to win a vote from the non-Muslim community as we see France is a Non-Muslim country. A religious attack can deliver sympathy to Macron; maybe it’ll be fruitful for his political future.

Whenever an incident happens it might be discussed some days and nobody will discuss this again but Macron’s strong opinion on this incident shocked everybody. His hatred towards a specific religion is quite shocking to the Muslim community and his new statements that are defending his situation. New Zealand incident might forget everybody where a person brutally killed Muslims in Mosques, any Muslim didn’t say such words about other religions then Macron is promoting hatred and ugly minds with a specific religion. Such energy can only promote hate and civil war and nobody wants that.

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