An anonymous man slapped President of France Emmanuel Macron in front of the whole crowd!

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President of France Emmanuel Macron got a slap by an anonymous man. According to the Man slapped Macron within the face in the presence of whole crowd and media. It was the time when he spoke to the general public throughout a visit to southeast France on Tuesday, video of the incident went terribly viral on social media and took the internet storm.

The footage, shared by media which is now viral in social media shows that a president walking up to a metal fence and clasping the arm of a person within the crowd as he began to greet the people of the village in the Drôme region of France called Tain-l’Hermitage village.

An anonymous man slapped President of France Emmanuel Macron
An anonymous man slapped President of France Emmanuel Macron

The man, whereas holding Macron’s arm with pressure and then sudden slapped the President across his left cheek whereas yelling with the name of “Macronie” which is an uncomplimentary term utilized in the French press for Macron’s presidency. Macron’s security guards quickly intervened, grappling the person whereas the person continued grabbing the president off from the metal barrier.

“A man so tried to hit the President of the Republic France. We don’t have any more information at the moment now. Exchanges with the group and handshakes resumed. The trip continues.” The insider told the media.

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Moments before the slapping incident happened with Macron, the anonymous man conjointly shouted loud by saying “Montjoie! Saint-Denis!” which is a battle term used by the Dynasty of Capetian royal, that ruled France from the tenth to the eighteenth century.

France President Emmanuel Macron Slapped By Unknown Assailant In Drome, 2 Arrested. Video Credit Republic World

Two of men mainly looks like 28-year-old and as well as the person who slapped the president Macron and shouted wrong slogans, were placed in police custody for alleged violence against someone holding public authority and in fact he was the president of France which has a government underneath. The reports confirmed by the insider that all three of them are still in the custody.

An anonymous man slapped France Emmanuel Macron
An anonymous man slapped France Emmanuel Macron

Macron’s opponent, Marine Le Pen who is a political leader said in her statement that slapping a president is not acceptable, if this is happening then there is a lot more things they have to face. She further said that strict actions should be taken against those men who did this unacceptable move.

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Macron wanted to meet the owners of the restaurant on Tuesday before heading to the next day that is Wednesday’s easing of Covid-19 restrictions in France. Macron is presently on a charm offensive, with France’s presidential elections and also the country simply weeks from regional elections in the month of June.

In the end of April, the President told regional press that he wished to go to the regions to require the heartbeat of the country, to induce involved with citizens. His political opponents claim that these presidential outings are literally campaign journeys.

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Macron isn’t the one French politician to be slapped on the face while shaking hands. In January of the year 2017, former Prime Minister Manuel Valls, was visiting Lamballe in Brittany once a young man smitten and struck him before being weak by the protection services.

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