An Indian bride calls her wedding off once she sees her groom having Gutka in his mouth! Read to know the whole story!

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Every girl has some dreams whether it was of a dream job or a dream fairytale wedding. The girl dreams of her marriage since her childhood, she wanted her wedding to be perfect and her future spouse to be as caring and as charming like those princes in the fairytales. But what if you can’t find your idle match? Or you find someone but he failed to be according your requirements? Here we have a story of an Indian bride who cancels her marriage just for the sake of a minor reason. Read below to know it!

According To the A bride in India’s Uttar Pradesh state has reportedly referred to as her wedding off once she saw her fiancé chewing Gutka in her mouth, a move because of which she called off their wedding.

According to the Indian media reports, the bride’s family had completed all the preparations for the marriage and was eagerly expecting the groom and his family to arrive. However, once the barat arrived and therefore the bride saw her fiancé chewing a Gutka, she place herself in an exceedingly dangerous mood and refused to marry the person.

Indian bride calls wedding off after seeing his groom eating Gutka.
Indian bride calls wedding off after seeing his groom eating Gutka.

The parents of the bride tried to calm their girl down however she remained firm on her call and refused to simply accept the Gutka-chewing man as her husband.

Once the marriage was referred to as off, it left a bitter style in everyone’s mouths, once that all the gifts that the families had changed on the occasion were came back. Consequently, the barat conjointly went back.

Such cases don’t seem to be isolated within the state of Uttar Pradesh. Earlier, another incident came about once the groom got drunk and insisted the bride dance with him. At this, she got upset and immediately cancelled their wedding and refuses to marry him.

According to reports the bride was very happy with her marriage to be. She prepared her lehnga which is a traditional wear in Indian wedding, from a very famous designer and bought a heavy expensive jewelry of her own choice. Everything was on point and in fact the rituals have also been started but seeing her groom in the drunken state she simply refused to marry him and leave the wedding hall immediately.

Bride immediately left the Mandaap After seeing Gutka in his mouth.
Bride immediately left the Mandaap After seeing Gutka in his mouth.

This was the top biggest decisions bride took on their wedding, they choose to openly put their point forward then regretting whole life with that man. Feelings of regret can be occurring for variety of reasons. You had expectations for what wedding would be like supported what your parents’ wedding was like, and your mate has completely different expectations. Maybe you’ve got realized you and your going to be life partner do not share several common interests. So it is better to take good decision before regretting on it afterwards.

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