An online gaming Platform can help scientists understand the Corona Virus.

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EVE online gaming platform Project Discovery initiative is back at full swing. After it helped scientists about how the human cells and how exoplanets came into existence, the data set of the players would now support the scientists to understand the coronavirus.

The game is quite popular among the youth and the teen.

Thousands of players around the world are playing the game through online gaming platform.

When pilots get tired from the gaming of the favorite game, they can switch to a simple minigame that mines data about the human cells.

This data can be acquired from flow cytometry.

This data would be further used by the scientists to also understand how the coronavirus works and how it changes the human cells.

The minigame gives you tracing groups cell populations, which would give you in turn net your game rewards.

A lot of people would be thinking about how this would help the researches in the research, but there is a tutorial on it,

McGill University:

The CCP created the project Discovery where it leverages the online multiplayer and avid gamers to help scientists to do researches. CCP is currently collaborating with the McGill University, BC Canver, and individual researchers.

By using such platforms, the researchers are looking forward to making discoveries that have never been made before and create a new algorithm.

Other games that are putting the gamers to work is the Foldit game. It involves the use of the puzzles by manipulating protein chains; primarily, anyone can play the game and make the antiviral protein.

The game is quite difficult than project discovery.

But in the game there also hardcore modes where you can get all the proteins from scratch and by doing this you are not only giving a great time but also saving the humanity by providing with antiviral protein,

So, all the heroes don’t wear a cape, isn’t it? You can keep track of the Project Discovery and get all the updates about this game from the team of computer scientists and bioinformatics from McGill University School of Computer Science.

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