Andrew Tate breaks his silence on discussions with Jake Paul and makes a pledge to the boxing community.

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Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate has stated that negotiations are underway to organize the influencer super battle between himself and Jake Paul. The Problem Child recently published a video of the pair squaring off with the caption “negotiations,” Tate has now reaffirmed these accusations.

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Tate promised an event that “the world will remember” in a brief statement provided by his representative: “Negotiations have begun between the two parties, it’s a fight the fans have been asking for, and it’s an event the world will remember.”

Since The Cobra’s rise to internet prominence, rumors of a confrontation between Tate and Paul have circulated. After the two exchanged verbal barbs online, it appeared for a time that Tate’s brother Logan would be going off against him. Recently, Logan challenged Tate to a mixed martial arts match, angered the outspoken businessman.

Andrew Tate

Nothing is more critical to Logan Paul than being famous and discussed. Tate said in a statement released by his publicist that he continues to play battle in the WWE despite his dread of and avoidance of genuine challenges.

“Logan continues to use my name for headlines to increase his relevance, but he is aware that my talents and expertise in any ring surpass his. Even though we haven’t always agreed, his brother, Jake, has been a positive force in boxing. Better compensation and perks, greater awareness of women in the sport, and effort on his part. He has a mission that he is carrying out. Logan Paul has no purpose.

Andrew Tate

“I have previously validated this information with a mutual contact. It is now Logan’s turn to pay the price. I will not allow him to gain more for his damage than I do since a clown like him, with a mediocre online income, would gladly sell his honor for money.

“I meant it when I said I would fight him for free. Any day of the week, he is welcome to fly to Romania and knock on my door. When I stated battle, I was not referring to a sport. If he recovers, he will be able to continue living in his brother’s shadow, where he belongs.”

Despite the back-and-forth with Logan, it appears that Jake will meet the four-time ISKA kickboxing champion instead. Tate was “too terrified” to fight him or his brother, according to The Problem Child, because losing to them would undermine his “alpha male image.”

Andrew Tate

It is believed that Tate and his brother Tristan met with Jake’s manager Nakisa Bidarian in August, but Tate declined to comment on what was discussed.

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